Real estate copywriting – yes that’s my niche.

But what do I exactly mean by this?

Or is it self-explanatory to you?

Let me expand.

After being fired out of the educational ejector seat, I went all property obsessed, working first in a local estate agency, and then forming a partnership.

Looking back, both were very positive experiences as they allowed me insights into the estate agency business and garnered many connections in the industry, that wouldn’t be there, without that learning curve and networking effort.

The logical step after teaching English for 27 years, and working in real estate for 2 years, was to become a real estate copywriting expert.

Writing is a passion you see, I never see it as a chore, or a burden. I love writing.

Combine that then with a personal and professional interest in property, there’s a magical fusion of real estate copywriting,

I’m employed by several estate agents and property companies – some under Non Disclosure Agreements – but with a few exceptions.

I am the content marketer for a lovely small estate agency in north Norfolk: Pure North Norfolk, who I genuinely enjoy working with.

They’re great people – all of them including Julia, the Director.

They trust me with their website, five social media accounts and their blogging tab, updated most weeks.


Mutual trust and respect.

I’ve got others too.

I write for two investment websites as their blogger, producing fortnightly pieces on the property industry.

I also work, on a rolling retainer, for a large independent estate agency, who also trust me to pen blogs, optimise their website and run their social media accounts.

I realised today what a great deal it is all round for both me and the other parties, when I took the car for a wash.

I’d spent the best part of an hour, hoovering the interior, cleaning the dashboard and engaging in new build behaviour, albeit without a Karcher, only to realise that the outside would take too long.

Popping it to a car wash and handing over £5, I knew that hour I’d spent cleaning the inside would have been better handed over to the 3 men and 1 woman who’d have done a better job than me in less time than me.

I should have outsourced the car clean totally.

Which brings me back to real estate copywriting or copywriting or social media marketing in general.

Just as when I leave the keys to my car for it to be cleaned whilst I wander, knowing the car will be transformed and I can trust these people with the car and a valet, your business should do the same with writing and marketing – hand the keys to your website, Twitter account and Facebook page to a creative, trustworthy individual like me, who will make everything shiny and get your business noticed.

I can’t fit a shower, clean a car very efficiently, paint, draw, take great photos, but what I can do is write and promote writing through social media.

Take a look at Pure North Norfolk, scroll through the blog tab and mentally calculate the total number of views those blogs have had.

If you want similar exposure for your estate agency, letting agency, investment business, call in a real estate copywriting expert and stand out from the high street and online crowd.

It will cost you a lot more to do yourself in terms of time – trust me.

I know that.

Contact me.