A freelance photographer can be contracted for photographs.

So why not a writer? Why don’t estate agents outsource both the photographs and the writing?

I know your answer: cost

But what is the cost to your agency in not using a property writing specialist for that aspect of your business?

I’m looking to write – to propel your agency up Google rankings, and to take on the listing writing and floorplans of your listings.

There is a rationale behind this – it means you and your estate agency staff are freed up to negotiate, market properties, pursue leads, answer emails and phone calls, with the knowledge that your floorplans and your listings are in safe hands with me.

You send me the template for the listing – the number of bullet points needed, examples of style (room descriptions or just room dimensions), the type of floorplan and I happily write the listing and floorplan, based on a visit to the property, or notes and photos.

I will complete listings accurately, quickly and creatively following legal CPR guidelines – without you wasting time spellchecking and arguing about grammar, with drafts being passed back and forth, saving your company time, money and energy.

Property writing like blog posts, listings will be written accurately, without errors, within one working day – I guarantee that.

So, here’s the scenario: your company secures a listing from a market appraisal, your sales negotiators have 5 listings to write that day, viewings to accompany, emails to answer, leads to chase.

So: I’m contacted and I liaise with you, your team and then the vendor to meet up – evenings and weekends, anytime – to create that listing and floorplan.

I guarantee my approach won’t disappoint – if you’re interested, do get in touch for a chat with me.
I’ve been getting the right results from words as an English teacher, writer, and estate agent for 30 years.
Time for you to put me to the test.