I’ve run Get Pro Copy Ltd since 2015, constantly adding blog posts, as I knew this would lead to success. It has. I then realised that much of the property industry is beginning to recognise that a regular property blog post increases web traffic and leads to sales, longer term, so this venture was born.

Get Pro Copy has provided ghostwritten services for social media marketing, copywriting and proofreading across a range of industries, but Property Blogs aims to be a niche content marketing platform for the wider property industry.

It’s not simply aimed at estate and letting agents, but the full gamut of property developers, construction companies, removal firms, small, medium, large housebuilders, conveyancing solicitors, architects and the like.

So how can a property blog strategy help companies win business?


Your website, your social media platforms can quickly become static – if you don’t work on them.

Providing a daily, weekly, monthly property blog for your followers leads to them seeing you as a thought leader and when that decision is made to buy products or services, the information you have provided daily, weekly or monthly means that you’re increasing the chances of being picked.

A property blog will do that.

It’s not a short term gain, but a longer term goal to make readers consciously or sub-consciously pick you.

There’s more to be gained too: Google rewards fresh content.

So when a property blog is posted by you as an architect, conveyancing solicitor or candlestick maker, that post can be submitted to Google Webmaster Tools and “crawled” and indexed so that your website climbs page rankings.

It’s organic climbing too, and not a short-term steroid fix of Pay Per Click.

A property blog will get you website visits, will build a tribe of followers if that content is interesting, engaging and provides answers – and, it will win you business.

Take a look at Hogan’s Fast Sale’s property blogs here – all written by me, in liaison with Stephen, Peter, Ian, Adam, Nicole of that Leeds team and count up how many total reads those twice a month blogs posts have had.

Has it won them business?


A property blog will do the same for you.

I promise it will.