Along with beautiful design, photography and an engaging presence on social media, words matter. This is where I come in as a freelance property writer.

Beautiful web writing, placed within a badly designed website, is a poor marriage.

Ditto, beautiful design with weak web writing is a union that won’t last.

I’ve written extensively before about the 25 things I can do for your business, but, cards on the table, primarily I’m a freelance writer, a copywriter, a freelance property writer.


I could have chosen a different niche – I could be a freelance football writer, but football doesn’t interest me really, same with say antiques. Not that interested.

Yet property and writing for me is a perfect marriage.

I’ve found my niche: freelance property writer.

So I’ve explained how I became a freelance property writer, but now I need to explain why you actually need a freelance property writer.

So, if you are in the property industry, reading this, read on for 10 things I can do for your estate agency / property investment company / lettings agency:

  1. Analyse your existing web content. By analysing I mean looking at your website objectively, analysing its backlinks and comparing it to rivals. You want to be number one in Google searches for “Estate Agent Northampton” “Northampton estate agents” or variations on that, I’ll devise a plan.
  2. Change your existing web content. It may need a few adjustments, some updates or a complete overhaul. I can do that for you – not the design – I’m not a designer – but alter wording for climbing Google.
  3. Manage social media accounts. These need to be active and engaging to build trust in your brand. You may not have the capacity in your company to curate tweets, respond to mentions, likes and retweets. You let me do that for your property website.
  4. Proofread property listings. I remember as Head of English in one school I offered to proofread every student report online before it was released, checking typos, spelling errors, grammatical flaws for a school of 500. If you want your property listings checking by me, instead of the lister, valuer, CEO having to spend time on grammatical ping pong, get in touch with me.
  5. Improve property listings. You might want listings improved or give some coaching to your listers to get the writing basics right. You will be aware of Compliance legislation, so you might instead want an extensive blog post on a property you’re listing to make it stand out and sell more quickly.
  6. Write blog posts for the property industry. I’ve ghostwritten over 50 now for various companies. I’ve had other named ones published: on emoov and Estate Agent Networking. Each one of my ghostwritten posts is uniquely crafted, with no cut and paste, so as not to incur Google penalties for duplicate copy. 300 – 10,000 words with a branded featured image that go on your website, social media platforms and even in podcasts and printed newsletters, to maximise reach and strengthen your authority as the property leader in your town or county.
  7. Write newsletters. They can be PDFs or printed as flyers or for property conferences, but this freelance property writer will pen the content.
  8. Write letters. 7 touchpoints to achieve a sale – how do you get the seven done? Emails, letters, phone calls? You advise me, and I’ll write the content with you, with compelling Calls to Action.
  9. Write YouTube property expert scripts. SEO loves video uploads, your estate agency should be showing its brand, its services, its USPs, its ethos, on a dedicated YouTube branded channel. You do the filming, I’ll write the scripts for your audience of humans and Google robots.
  10. Coach and advise your estate agency team in terms of writing and social media management. Instagram or Pinterest? One or both or neither? Google Plus? Facebook adverts? Crafting tweets for Twitter? Again I have accrued expertise and knowledge on this and more since 2013. If you’d like to use me to coach and advise your estate agency team for an hour, two hours, or a week, then contact me.

Content marketing, social media marketing, thought leadership, brand authority, SEO advancement, are all key aspects of growing your estate agency, lettings, property investment industry.

If you’d like to use my skills, as a freelance property writer, for any of the 10 above or indeed others I may have omitted, email me now on: [email protected] or ring me on 07462923476.