The James Paget Estate, in south Gorleston, is regarded locally as one of the best areas to buy or rent in.

It is a broad mix of starter homes, apartments and small townhouses to larger detached homes with double garages and five bedrooms. It’s a popular place too for buy to let investments. It’s named after the huge hospital which it is umbilically tied to, so to speak.

It’s split into two parts effectively: Jenner Road is the main artery with other veins running off to the east, and Carrel Road is slightly smaller, with bigger houses and fewer semi-detached and no terraced homes or apartments – hence its higher price and perceived kudos.

There’s about 650 properties on the James Paget estate: 9 are currently up for sale, with just two sold, with prices ranging from £166,000 on Horsley Drive (off Jenner Road) up to £310,000 on Carrel Road.  It’s an area that traditionally had a ceiling price of the mid £200k but this is being broken –  particularly on the Carrel Road section.

Lettings are currently clustered around Salk Road, off Jenner Road, with 4 three bedroomed properties available all between £700-£750 pcm. When we viewed here, as a temporary renting measure in 2008, similar properties were £500 to £550 pcm, which shows the growth potential for BTL.

So then the James Paget Estate is an excellent place to buy or rent – road access in Norfolk terms is superb, 10 minutes along the A12 to either Great Yarmouth or Lowestoft, a new link road connecting the A12 and A143 has now opened connecting Beccles Road in Bradwell (and a large Persimmon estate in its first phases) and Lowestoft Road.

What has developed on the James Paget estate since we left there are major, stringent parking restrictions on Jenner Road – 7 years ago, we’d struggle to park on the front because of patients and visitors using it for free parking. That’s changed now.

Residents I’ve spoken to on the Paget estate are mixed in opinions – yes it’s reduced traffic flow, but it’s made what traffic remains travel faster, as there are no parked cars to slow progress. I can’t help feeling too that a Permit Parking scheme for residents would be the ideal compromise.

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