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If anyone were asked to hazard a guess as to the U.K. city with the highest combined property values, few would offer any other place than London.


Fairly obvious, isn’t it?

Astronomical property prices combined with a huge urban population and inward commuting, along with the paucity of building space, would make the capital number one on Top Trumps for Property Values.

London is worth £1.5 trillion.

I’m certain though that if property Top Trumps was ever released, you could easily grab that card from an opposing player with something like a category of Best Air Quality or Lowest Cost of a Glass of Prosecco.

London property prices seem to rise inexorably year on year, with little sign of decreasing.

But it is in fact one of the slowest rising cities in Britain – recording increases of 2.37% overall in the past year.

Some parts of London are worth more in property value terms too than entire cities: SW1 alone is worth £55 billion in that postcode, just £4 billion shy of the entire property value of Leeds.

But what is the next highest city after London?

I won’t delay but list the top 10 now, with data taken from Zoopla in January 2018:

1 London £1.5tn
2 Bristol £115bn
3 Glasgow £90bn
4 Birmingham £81bn
5 Manchester £80bn
6 Edinburgh £68bn
7 Nottingham £66bn
8 Reading £60bn
9 Leeds £59bn
10 Sheffield £55bn

There’s few surprises for me here, apart from Glasgow having a higher total value than Manchester (and Edinburgh).

But if you, as a HNWI, an investor or property developer, were looking to maximise capital investment, data says there’s just one city from this list of ten you should invest in as its total value grew by 5.63% from January 2016 to January 2017.

Anyone care to guess?

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And my top investment city is not in the top 10 – but do look at Liverpool.

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