Responsive website design is probably a term you’ve heard of and even perhaps know what it means.

I won’t keep you hanging – responsive means it fits to screen on mobile, desktop and tablet.

I used to naively think that a web designer created a website and hey presto it rendered correctly on all devices. If only. I, in common with other Norwich web design companies, build a website on a desktop machine, then have to work through how it appears on a smartphone, laptop and tablet.

I’m quite methodical in making them all render well.

A website is toggled off coming soon and I view it on my Note 9, Dell laptop, and iPad Pro and adjust images, text sizes, icons and menus accordingly.

Effectively, a page, like the Home page is designed and checked three or four times and every page undergoes the same process.

So many websites are still unresponsive – meaning on your iPhone or Samsung or Pixel you have to pinch and zoom and resize when a responsive website design, done right, does all that for you as a matter of course. Does yours?

This responsive website design Norwich freelancer can sort it.

It’s vital obviously because if 83% of internet activity – whether you’re on the apps of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or asking Siri, Google Assistant or surfing on Chrome or Safari, your website not only needs to feature on social and search but also appear right on mobiles and tablets.

I am also offering now a fully comprehensive free audit of your website. This evaluates your page speed, page size (should be under 5MB), your social media optimisation (mine gets a cross for low activity on YouTube, which I’m addressing) and a bulleted list of priorities. Which you can tackle.

This comes with no strings attached – all I need is your email address and domain name to check and you’ll get a free PDF audit in no time. Contact me now – [email protected]