Today, someone asked me to meet in Norwich and as I’d intended to meet someone anyway, my diary shouted “Go.” 

Normally, client meetings irritate as the time spent over coffee could be spent on actually designing, writing and marketing. I’m not anti-social but have been mightily fed up in the past when a 60 mile round trip, £5 parking bill and a lunch over 2 hours, results in nothing coming of it.

But today, I felt that because this client had seen a website launched for a local hotel for Mike Gilbert, The Old Hall Hotel  Caister, that I should make the effort.  

SEO is being aimed squarely at Norwich and Norfolk (not the hospital) and it felt churlish to decline. 

You see web design Norwich is partly what Get Pro Copy Ltd is about and yet when I look at my portfolio, just 9 have actually come from this fine city. 

Which surprises me.

If you know Norwich, it’s a splendid city, surrounded by magnificent countryside, big blue skies and a coastline that is spectacular in places. 

North Norfolk is renowned for its beaches, like at Wells and Holkham, but further south, beaches like Sea Palling, Horsey and Winterton have their own charms (and lower property prices).

Norwich has been largely unaffected by manufacturing recessions as it has little industry to speak of.

Admittedly Colman’s Mustard has gone but Aviva (or Norwich Union) lives on as does the city centre’s thriving reputation for retail and restaurants.

Even though I have perennially itchy feet, I like being associated with Norwich.

“A fine city” is not just marketing speak – it is true, trust me.

When you look more closely online at Web Design Norwich companies, there’s none, as far as I can see, that offer what I do which is design, copywriting and social media. Some agencies do – but you’ll pay a hefty wedge to them and you can get your bottom dollar, outsourcing and low pay is the norm.

Controversial I know.

This means that, though Norfolk may be slow to travel around (I think it’s the only English county without a motorway), I promise reasonably fast website design. I’m in demand because I deliver and don’t charge excessively for my services.

Built on WordPress by an expert, populated with words by an English graduate copywriter and launched on social media to get your business off to a flying start.

So if you’re based in Norfolk, or Norwich city centre or its environs, and are looking for a web design freelancer, looking to support a local company, get in touch with me – we can help you get seen online quickly and economically with a website and social media presence as alluring as Norwich itself, with no congested tailbacks of us waiting for web content from you and with a “Broad” social media launch that will make your business stand out, like Happisburgh lighthouse.

If you’re in Manchester, Bristol, London, Leeds, I can help you too.

You can trust this Norwich web design freelancer.

I’m hoping that the client I met in Marzano in the Forum trusts me too. I’ll keep you posted – assuming you’re remotely interested.