Should I start offering web design courses Norwich? Read on.

When I was at school, apart from English Literature, the curriculum seemed utterly pointless. The cookery teacher made Gordon Ramsay look a model of patience, maths consisted of repetitive drills, history was about roads and canals, geography was colouring in – still is apparently.

Obviously what I’d like to learn now didn’t exist – I’d love to speak French fluently but my memories of lessons back then were saying my name and age for 3 solid years, a skill I’ve never used in France ever.

Web design didn’t exist, because the nearest we got to technological ejaculation was a Casio digital watch and Pong – Google it if you’re under 40.

I’ve learned web design in the past few years in partnership and through adding content to websites directly. I’ve never ever enrolled in web design courses Norwich as to be honest I like independent learning. I do keep saying this to a point of sounding like a stuck record – web design is not particularly difficult, it’s the content that is most challenging.

Buying a domain, adding it to a hosting package, installing WordPress and adding pages is a piece of piss.

Time-consuming yes; difficult no.

Not when you’ve learned how. I did this one reasonably quickly.

I consider it a bit like me being forcibly removed from Britain for my Remainer views, stripped of my nationality and having to relocate to France, muttering “Je m’appelle Stuart; j’ai quinze ans” to the disbelief of locals.

I’d be immersed in France and mingling and would learn to speak and write it fluently within, I reckon, about a year.

I’ve been tinkering with copywriting and web design for 4 years, and I’m pretty fluent in both now, just, as I would be, if the Home Office removed my nationality and said “Off you go to Lille.”

I’d manage and become proficient quickly – just as I have with web design.

Web design courses Norwich – or Great Yarmouth – or Lowestoft – or wherever – are something I should probably consider doing, given that I enjoy an audience and love imparting information and coaching after 27 years in education.

WordPress could become my new “Of Mice and Men”.

Those PowerPoints, mouldering in forgotten folders called Poetry, could be adapted to a guide to making a website secure; compressing images for fast rendering; how to write and append a GDPR Privacy Policy in a website footer.

Okay, it’s not quite as exciting as Lennie busting Curley’s hand in Chapter 3, but, trust me, the appeal of that faded on its 20th read to classes.

What do people think?

Has this web design courses Norwich (or elsewhere) idea got legs? Would people pay to attend a workshop and come out with the basics of designing a website and become my competition?

Or should I just stick to knocking out websites for clients, undercutting web design Norwich agencies for both value and service?

I’m not sure, tbh.