I know I was fixated with Apple and tried, with counselling and support, to wean myself off this expensive habit, but it sucked me back in. That pesky iOS, suitable for a 3 year old or 93 year old, in its simplicity, made me return as an Apple sheep again.

Quick recap – when the iPhone XS and XS Max were released, I scoffed at that notch and their prices – £1499 for a mobile phone – and promptly, petulantly, traded in my iPhone 8 Plus for a Samsung Note 9.

The defection then saw me sell my Apple Watch, HomePod and go all Open Source with a Google Home Max and Samsung Watch.

Increasingly though, armed with an older iPad Pro and a Mac, I missed the integration. The omission of photos on phone being airdropped to Mac or iPad or stored in iCloud began to bug me and although the Note 9 took better photos, had a superior display and was excellent, I decided to divorce it and remarry an iPhone.

Now on a XS Max, I know it’s a better fit for my life as a Norwich web design freelancer, but an inferior product.

I’ve now gone the whole hog and invested in a new HomePod as I like taking iPhone calls on it and the sound quality is impressive and invested recently in a 3rd gen iPad Pro, which is lightning fast.

I had an 11 inch iPad Pro initially and despite reassurances that size didn’t matter in counselling I knew it did.

The problem is though that having invested in an 11 and 12.9, I prefer the 11 in so many ways. It’s so much a better size for surfing online and checking emails and social. It is a perfect tablet for casual use and professional.

There’s other reasons an iPad Pro in either size is great – photo editing and that pencil. I invested in a couple of low price editing apps and last year bought a low end Canon DSLR to take high res photos locally of Great Yarmouth, Gorleston and Norwich as a hobby and SEO tool. The USB C to SD card dongle makes photo transfer a doddle and editing on the iPad Pro is easier than on the iMac in Photoshop. I love it.

The pencil too is great for when I’m proofreading for clients as I can mark up documents, adverts, PDFs in Notability and send them back for changes very quickly. That app Notability has replaced my beloved Moleskine notebooks and fountain pen too (pretentious, moi?) and notes from clients, lists of things to do sync across all devices. I can add titles like Naturally Vegan Food notes and find the scribbles I made on that website design very quickly.

As for web designing on the iPad Pro, certain elements are possible like changing content, images and colours, but the precision is lacking as the iPad Pro does not support an external mouse or easy import of docs and files.

iOS 13 though is supposed to address many of these issues and though Dark Mode is its hotly anticipated feature on the Beta release, I’m hoping for improvements that will make the iPad Pro a laptop slayer.

Working on one, watching YouTube, scribbling with that pencil, is so much more satisfying than working on my MacBook Pro or iMac.

I justify spending on them as it’s my primary job – I write for businesses, design websites and manage social media.

Being locked in a comfy Apple jail makes it so much more enjoyable.