Impulsively, a few weeks ago, I decided to fill a void in my Apple virtual life with the purchase of a MacBook Pro 16. I didn’t enter Norwich with the intention of looking at one, let alone buying one, but a banner – damn you print marketing – caught my eye stating Interest Free Credit on all Electrical Purchases.

Now I know that applying for any sort of credit when self employed is a form of Russian Roulette. You think, “I’m earning enough so I’ll buy” until you’re rejected for a new iMac in Apple and left slightly embarrassed. That though was a few years ago, at the start of this freelance journey, so I thought “fuck it” I’ll pick up that pistol again.

John Lewis I love you

Unbelievably, John Lewis gave me the nod and I was a bit flummoxed as it really had only been a test of creditworthiness and not a planned purchase.

Breaking it to my wife that I’d bought one resulted in the 751st death stare of my marriage and the words, uttered in Manc tones, “You need counselling.”

Followed as usual by a longer death stare and the rhyming “I despair.”

Carrying it to the car in deathly silence, I asked a mate Nick what to do.

He gave me a top tip.

When you want to buy something, write it down with the date and wait to see if the impulse passes.

I’d already bought it though – so I played the system and showed admirable restraint in reading reviews daily and not touching the sealed box for 3 weeks.

Today though with Storm Ciara locking the country down in a paroxysm of climate fear, I bagged the MacBook Pro, driv to Norwich and entered the Apple Chapel with MacBook left in the BMW boot and tried one for size and weight in my backpack, as I’d not unpacked the one in my whip.

One bearded tattooed Apple employee came over as I packed it away, looking decidedly roadman. She was quite nice, even with the customary Apple facial hair, as I explained I wanted to know how heavy it would make my backpack for the commute (I conveniently omitted the commute is from bedroom one to bedroom three). She said you need to factor in the power cable too.

That swung it for me.

I made a rapid exit, returned to the car and headed to John Lewis through the raging storms of 25mph winds.

There, I miserably handed it over, got my deposit back and headed to Yo Sushi! for the nutritional equivalent of sackcloth and ashes, whilst wondering if I’d done the right thing.

My point is this: I have an iMac Pro desktop, HomePods and a 12.9 iPad Pro with 1TB storage, the pencil and backlit Logitech keyboard (superior to Apple’s own), a mouse to use on the iPad and a cellular connection.

What purpose would the MacBook Pro serve when the iMac Pro is more powerful and the iPad Pro is not far behind and has touchscreen capability and a camera?

I can write copy and work happily on both devices as a freelance web designer.

Do I need a third?

Perhaps not.

I do feel a little sad about returning it – but next Saturday, Edinburgh beckons and I’m sure my impulses will be sorely tested in that city and on a day out in Glasgow.

I’ll let you know too what we think of  Scotland, where storm Ciara is presumably a daily occurrence?