12 years since we packed our bags and left Crowle in North Lincolnshire and headed south and east for work in Norfolk.

Considering I’m a veteran relocator, and despite attempts to leave the county, we remain anchored here.

To be honest, now, I consider it to be home and despite some shitty times in schools here, it’s been largely enjoyable.

You see, I like sunshine and warmth and Norfolk is a very mild, dry and sunny place to call home. Rain is rare, snow is even less common, and light levels are tremendous after the north and north-west of England.

We moved in 2008 to rented accommodation on the Paget estate in Gorleston and liked this coastal town enough to buy a grand Edwardian villa on Elmgrove Road. 4 years ago, with income an issue, we sold up and moved to a new build in Bradwell, a home and area I really like! We have great neighbours, walks around Bluebell Woods and bridlepaths in spitting distance and yet are only 35 minutes by train or car from Norwich, a wonderful city, albeit one with an underbelly.

I spent time in three schools here – two of them were absolute toxic hell holes, but freelance in 2015 made me look forward not backwards.

This year, this business won Norfolk Web Designer of the Year, with SME news, and despite a desire to escape the Tory / Brexit politics of this part of Norfolk and move to Edinburgh, a rough week there in February scotched that move.

Beautiful city, lovely people, horrendous weather.

So, now 12 years a slave in Norfolk, I think it will be home for many years more.

I like Norfolk, I love our home and Bradwell and the quality of life here is peerless.

Until perhaps Madrid calls for a relocation, once daughter Ruby has flown the nest?

El tiempo dirá?