Street alert again – gwop – too much listening to D Block Europe, Stormzy and Aitch, when I should be tapping my feet to something more becoming of a 54 year old man, on the cusp of retirement.

I’ve never ever acted my age though and doubt I ever will.

Old man clothes and music are not my bag and I refuse to become a scrimping, saving OAP.

You didn’t click though to read about my eccentricities – or perhaps you did – but to find out which social media channel makes me the most gwop (George Washington On Paper, if you’re wondering).

Bandos make money but social will too

Another favourite word of mine at the moment is “Bando”. It’s a drug den apparently and where I live in biddy Bradwell, a suburb you’d probably spot Edward Scissorhands in, a bando is non-existent. In Norwich, there’s loads as it has the second highest drug deaths after Blackpool nationally and, bourgeois by day, it is a bit seedy at night. It’s why we abandoned moving there – Prince of Wales Road is like the gates of hell around midnight, I kid you not.

Where I make gwop

I make the most money out of LinkedIn, without question. It’s changed somewhat as a platform – it used to be a good cure for insomnia and it is still a nest of selfish Tories and Brexit types, but there’s laughs and money to be had on there. The key for me on there, as with any social, is not to sell. You form good professional relationships on there and like say BNI your network grows. BNI on LSD perhaps as I’ve heard from others that going to one of their meetings is less pleasant than root canal treatment.

LinkedIn allows you to follow, connect, message, publish articles and join groups. You can publish videos and follow influencers, who are generally tosspots. I get 40% of my income from there I reckon for web design, writing and social media marketing. The great thing too is you can block quite easily. When someone pisses me off, I don’t go all Mother Theresa and forgive, I’m retributive and reach for the BLOCK button. Others do it to me as I piss them off.

If you’re not on LinkedIn, join, grow connections and block bellends.

It’s a good source of information, humour and income.


Second up is Facebook, my pages. It’s increasingly difficult on pages to drive engagement and reach without hitting BOOST. Getting page likes is no easy matter either as a vanity metric. The big reach on Facebook is through open or closed groups. You know the ones where all your neighbours are on one, moaning about pavement parking – yep those. Or where professionals engage in mutual masturbation of egos – yep those. I try to steer clear of groups as it is nimbyville and full of needy egos.


You have to be on it for Facebook. They are linked. It’s great I know for so many businesses. It’s an enjoyable platform too but does it get you business? Yes. It doesn’t do a lot for me directly but I do get enquiries and orders from there, particularly when I boost or go live once a week. You can also see number of profile visits, if it’s a business account.


When I publish a blog post, I pin the link and the featured image and I do get website traffic from there increasingly. Very good for SEO too as unlike Instagram, you can post individual URLs with pinned photos. The metric tells me I get 4k monthly unique visitors on Pinterest. Which is nice.


I’ve linked my Facebook page to Twitter and I get engagement and web visits from there. I should be tweeting 15 times a day and engaging on there, but to be honest, Twitter is too high maintenance and political. I don’t want to see Farage, Hopkins et al in my social feeds. Horrible people with twisted agendas.

Google My Business

A bit under-rated to be honest. You can post photos, offers, events and blogs on there and they show up when someone searches for you by name. They expire though after 7 days so you’ve got to feed My Business constantly.

Website traffic

In my opinion, the main purpose of social media is to increase brand awareness and act as a conduit for website traffic. All 6 of my social media channels (plus YouTube) have links in the bio to Get Pro Copy Ltd. You want social followers to click that website link and have a poke round your website. If it’s sufficiently interesting, they may become a follower of yours. If you have something they need – in my case SEO copywriting, web design and digital marketing – they may buy from you.

I make most gwop from my website and LinkedIn – how are you growing your sales?