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I’ve blogged repeatedly on my company website about my GCSE Marking service and when I first launched that business and left teaching for good, marking became a good source of both income and satisfaction.

I have a big network of teaching friends and from various exam boards on LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as long red pen experience, which made this a logical next step.

Get Pro Copy Ltd is a freelance copywriting service, where I get contacted for marking by many individual schools, academies and Multi Academy Trusts.

I take on and mark thousands of English Language and English Literature exams for exam boards and schools every year and demand is growing.

What I can’t do though, obviously, is mark Maths, Science, RE, Geography, History, French assessments et al.

And I often get asked by exams officers if I know of markers in other subjects.

I am now expanding, to build a specialist niche platform for employers and markers; hopefully, longer term, with exam boards advertising on here.

It’s a service – and one we hope will grow and be successful – so that schools, who are under financial and attainment pressures, can contact me and pay markers to assess and report on student responses.

I’m a very safe pair of hands in education and business – if you cut me in half, “Of Mice and Men” would run through me like a stick of rock, but now Steinbeck’s novel can rest in peace, I’m becoming a marking expert on “The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde”, “A Christmas Carol”, “Great Expectations” and “Pride and Prejudice” as well “Never Let Me Go”, “An Inspector Calls” and “Pigeon English” for example.

We simply aim to match your school or college with a suitably qualified marker who can deliver assessment to a high standard in any subject so you can outsource with confidence – watching that termly investment repay itself in rising results in August 2018, 2019 and so on.

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