I welcome lighter nights, the clocks going forward, the shutting off of central heating until October (well at least here in Norfolk), but spring and summer for me comes with an added bonus: GCSE English Language exam marking.

I mark all year round for various exam boards, schools, multi-academy trusts and colleges, mainly GCSE English Language and English Literature papers, from September to July, ad infinitum.

Now I don’t do this out of any charitable munificence or a warped mentality, but because it’s a real skill I’ve acquired from 27 years of teaching “Animal Farm” “An Inspector Calls” “Blood Brothers” “A Taste of Honey” “Lord of the Flies” “Jekyll and Hyde” “Macbeth” various poets and non-fiction writers.

I did it well too and rose to the heady heights of Director of English across three schools up to 2012, until Michael Gove removed “Of Mice and Men” from my 27 year teaching repertoire and I then decided to hang up my chalk.

I mark now for over 20 schools and exam boards and have done for years – AQA, Edexcel, CIE, OCR and WJEC are the main suspects and oddly enough the ones most English departments use.

Here’s the crack: you email me or phone me or complete the contact form and tell me what you need assessing and I’ll tell you whether I can manage it, based on pupil numbers, mock exam dates and when I’ll be able to return them by.

I quote a fixed price per script and your school business manager can pay me via bank transfer or company cheque, soon after returning them (I hope!)

You then get them back, assessed within three weeks of the postman battering my door, with a bullet pointed report, highlighting strengths and weaknesses for each response, as well highlighting key students for support at key levels.

The real beauty of my service is that there is consistency in marking, with a complete overview provided, which your individual team won’t replicate.

I’m CRB certified with enhanced clearance (ask me for details), an experienced marker and, because I’m self-employed, I don’t get distracted by other tasks.

Want to know more?

Get in touch now.