I call it a writing landmark: 100 blog posts just on here. Grand noun, landmark?

But I feel it is.

So I puff my chest out as I’m writing this 100th blog post. If I count LinkedIn and Medium publications, and ones ghostwritten for various companies, it’s probably 1000 but I don’t want to be immodest!

The business is approaching its birthday too (okay strictly speaking it is one in January) but I can’t help feeling that with the retail focus on “Back to School” as teachers and students just break up, that Christmas is not far away.

Get Pro Copy is nearly one (in January).

So what has been achieved in its “first year?”

Quite a lot actually.

I’ve been well and truly absorbed in this writing, content marketing business and the pleasure of being self-employed.

There’s obvious disadvantages like cashflow and no fixed income, but the work, and the pleasure I derive from it, has been tremendous.

I’ve realised that 7 months of life as a business from an egg (standby for extended birth metaphors) has seen some embryonic growth, though truly the real life of the business is still in the future, when the foetus develops.

I’ll leave that baby stuff now and talk about what has been achieved:

  1. A work-life balance. My Sat Nag (the wife) has been muted as I do more whilst she works for a living.
  2. Moving two property businesses up Google page rankings – one was established but needed a web editing revamp and the other was a new biz.
  3. Seeing my own business grow online – over 500 Facebook likes, 2000 Twitter followers across two pages and 1000 LinkedIn connections (not all of them recruiters I’ll have you know).
  4. A developing paunch, okay one not to brag about, but it makes me realise that going to teach every day was more physical than working from home, with a 10 step stairs commute.
  5. New learning – it is incredibly satisfying to read and learn from industry gurus about email marketing, social media strategy, headlines for blogs and many many people have helped me along the way.

Above all, though, I have some certainties in my life:

  • I know now that writing is my future.
  • I know that I’ve found a passion in life.
  • I know that being self-employed is a great way of working – if you have the support, like I do.
  • I know too that when I sit down on 1st January 2017 and sing Happy Birthday to Get Pro Copy, there won’t be a dry eye in the house. I’ve even bought my baby a present – I’ve extended its domain name until 2026 when it will turn 10.
  • I know that helping others with web content marketing, copywriting, just as I did in teaching the craft of writing from 1987 to 2015, is my future.

And with the inevitable call to action at the end (all blog posts, emails, must must have one) if you want to know what I can do for your business, get in touch today.