Writers on writing may strike you as an odd title to begin this but it should make sense as I write about writing.

You probably know of Roald Dahl’s famous writing antics in his shed in Great Missenden, or closer to here, Charles Dickens, the man who regularly walked 25 miles each way to work, who flitted between Kent, Norfolk, Suffolk and further afield.

I don’t have any strange rituals as a fledgling copywriter, or freelance writer, only a few perfectly normal traits.

Here’s some:

  1. Quietness and solitude – I like to write unburdened by music, tv or conversation. It’s a solitary act for me. I crave silence when I’m tip-tapping away on the keyboard. Do you?
  2. Outside world – the flip-side of number 1 is that I don’t exist hermit-like in my front room but need excursions into the real world as random conversations, encounters, things I see and hear feed me and my writing. Example: yesterday, I witnessed a dog vomiting outside a shop. Granted I didn’t come home and regurgitate some metaphorical ramblings, in homage to said dog. But it made me think: as I dodged the dog excrement on the verge outside home. It made me think about dog owners.
  3. Where I write – on a sofa, on an Apple device, never a desk.
  4. When I write – tends to be early morning or in an evening.
  5. Content tilt – my niche in writing is about the property market, but instead of producing dry articles about house prices etc, I try to “content tilt” my writing so it appeals more. Take an idea and tilt it slightly.

I’m fortunate enough to live in an area that inspires this writer to write.

Norwich and Great Yarmouth are a living history book with enough to inspire me and others to write.

So, writers on writing?

If you’re a writer, please feel free to share your writer habits with me – [email protected]