Writers needed – how to spread your writer’s block:  is a title that sounds like a case of the lurgy?

But it’s a search term “writers needed” that I sometimes reach out for, to go all Linkedin, to find some “synergy” and ahem income.

Inevitably though you’re left with a string of adverts for freelance writing that pays, well, peanuts.

Worse still, you apply for said peanut payment, often only to never hear back, leaving you feel violated that you’ve shown your soul, prostituted your talents and shared your CV (including that E in Economics) for little more than corporate clickbait.

I could do a similar exercise myself, here on Get Pro Copy.

Writers needed – please send a 400 word article on a topic of your choice and your CV by visiting www.getprocopy.com/contact 

But it shouldn’t be like that, should it?

I’ve written before that if you want a decorator, a plumber, a web designer – you don’t say: “Paul please paint that wall”, “Jan, fix that drip” or “Ashley, design me a logo thank you” – and if I’m pleased I may pay you to do something more.

Writers though are exempt from being paid it seems, even though it’s a skill, which not everyone has.

I’ll put it this way, baring my CV (minus the Grade E in Economics) to the web:

A in A Level English; 2.1 degree in English and the teaching of English (admittedly mainly “Of Mice and Men”) from 1987 to 2015, with spells in estate agency, a high street one and as a partner in our own estate agency.

Since Christmas, I have ghostwritten articles on various subjects, though mainly the property and investment industry, for many clients. The nature of ghostwriting means I have to go all James Bond and not reveal my missions. Or I will implode. Seriously.

Some, however, are accredited to me, like the ones on emoov, Estate Agent Networking and a web designer’s page, but the others are confidential as they’re ghostwritten.

Makes sense to me, hope it does to you?

I have certain specialisms, certain niches, but I’m not a one trick pony.

  1. I specialise in blog writing with carefully crafted headlines, featured branded images and key words and all the HTML tags that Google loves.
  2. I’m a dab hand at social media, living my life vicariously, online, like some virtual Norris Cole (Coronation Street reference, if I’ve lost you).  I manage several social media accounts incognito, responding to likes, mentions and RTs on four Twitter accounts, posting updates on the neglected G+platform,  as well as creating and managing six Facebook business pages, excluding two of my own. I write scripts for YouTube, manage two Pinterest accounts to increase that web exposure and drive traffic and customers to your site. I have an energetic LinkedIn profile and have just taken on managing a company page. This is all time intensive stuff to go all technical but clients employ me and pay me, because these content marketing strategies create results.
  3. I can create newsletters that go out weekly or monthly or quarterly with a brief from you.
  4. Email campaigns can be worded with calls to action as well as implicit value in the words in the email.
  5. YouTube scripts. You give me a brief, I’ll script it; you learn the lines and film it, I’ll upload it on to a new channel and search engine optimise it.

I’ve deliberately restricted the list to 5 but there’s actually more I can do for your business – 25 things in fact.

In truth, too, with no clickbait intended, with no intention of time wasting, this company may expand in the future to become a collective of writers.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, don’t send me a blog post, just send a message to [email protected] and let’s chat about future possibilities for you and I to work together.

Writers needed – yes, not now, but probably very soon.