“Writer jobs London” has become a favourite search topic of mine as changing to “Writer jobs Norfolk” from the capital yields scant results.

Jobs for writers are out there – but tend to all be based in London. I keep looking and hoping that one day Google will yield many pages for Writer jobs Norfolk.

It’s an odd thing becoming self-employed after being employed and salaried for ages. Scary and liberating in equal measures at first.

I intend to succeed though; I realise it won’t be overnight but I hope as I’m being read the last rites on my deathbed, my wife chips in with the words “Get Pro Copy is on page 1 of Google, you know,” as I close my eyes and smile at her, knowing my mission in life is done.

So why are all writer jobs in London?

Why don’t agencies look beyond the M25 to the hinterland of East Anglia?

Norwich is not far from London either – it’s why second-homers from London congregate in the north Norfolk honeypots of Burnham Market or Suffolk’s Aldeburgh. And yet, beyond weekend visitors, marvelling at the road network (Arsene Wenger flies to Norwich in a 14 minute journey), marketing types don’t look outside London to fill writing jobs.

Or maybe they do. But they ignore me.

Norwich is 90 minutes away from “writer jobs London” by train, a couple of hours by car, and 15 minutes by flying. These are not insurmountable commuting obstacles?

So if you’re sat in London, now, looking out over a Starbucks, over some highrise cityscape in a trendy neighbourhood like Shoreditch or Hoxton or Kings Cross (ideal for me), pause and think.

“Do we need a freelance writer to join our team?”

“Would we like a creative type with words, someone more mature, with an erudite world view?”

“Can they live outside London?”

If you answer yes to all three, get in touch.

I will nail my colours to the mast now. I’m not moving for “writer jobs London” but I am available to write for you (at Norfolk prices), based in London. I can visit London and do odd days there – but my heart lies here, in the land of single carriageways, gulls and tractors.

But I know about the conventions of blogging, so here goes:

The inevitable call to action:

Contact me on 01493 445737, from whatever part of London.