It’s a difficult business this writing malarkey – we all can write to some degree so perhaps we expect it to be free.

Like teaching English, Paul Calf (Steve Coogan’s mulleted monster) once asked what’s the point of that? You may as well teach walking.

I’ve deliberately shied away from displaying my charges on this website or on social media even though consumers are looking at businesses for cost transparency.


Simple answer.

Writing a blog post, a newsletter, a press release, a speech, some advertising copy is not a uniform procedure.

If you asked me to write a property blog on Great Yarmouth, this would take me less time than penning one on say Aberystwyth. My charges would be less.

If you asked for a 1000 word featured article on the best places to walk dogs in Birmingham, this would take me more time than 300 words on teaching English.

Patently obvious I know.

So here’s what I do; for the sake of transparency.

You contact me – I reciprocate and ask for a brief for the writing needed: target audience, purpose etc, and then I send you a Get Pro Copy contract, which lays out, professionally, in black and white, what will happen in terms of charges, confidentiality, amendments and the like.

If you’re happy with these terms, it’s returned, signed digitally and I invoice you in advance for the cost.

You pay, I write.

You check, I amend.

You publish it under your own company name knowing that Google will not penalise you in the future for duplicate content, as I won’t publish work you’ve paid for. Trust me.

It’s unique, SEO crafted copywriting, that won’t cost you the earth and will pay for itself many times over.

If you have a need for a website content refresh, a different spin on the services you’re selling, from a trustworthy freelance writer who delivers on time, every time, get in touch.

It will cost you less than you may imagine, trust me.