I’ve always had a dream of becoming a hit on YouTube with compelling viral videos.

So next week, my first week unencumbered by the year that was 2015, I’m thrusting myself into the social media spotlight, with vlogs, not blogs. Here’s my empty channel. You’ll be able to hear me in all my Kes lite Doncaster glory.

I’m genuinely hoping that when people see me in Gorleston, Great Yarmouth or Norwich, they mob me, shouting “Hey it’s the man from YouTube with 3 subscribers” (forgetting the three are me, my wife and son).

“Your videos are sick, man, I know so much more about apostrophes, sentence structures and the tittle since you came on the scene.”

Or I’ll be ignored?

Which is highly more likely.

It’s not a vanity project though – I already have a YouTube channel in dormancy along with the estate agency domain – as I do think video works.


  • Video is authentic – you see the person in real life, see who you’re dealing with.
  • You connect (or unconnect) with the person.
  • People prefer watching to reading – that’s a fact. Ask yourself – watch a 2 minute video explaining something, reviewing something, talking about something or read a 300 word blog?
  • A video is more likely to be watched in its entirety too – whereas a blog – if the headline or subject matter isn’t attractive may get ignored.

So, next week, Stuart Walton, freelance writer, “retired” teacher, hits YouTube and I will be “showing and telling” to a virtual audience. Have a look at them when they’re live please and give me any feedback and constructive criticism.

I’ve performed in front of demanding audiences for 27 years in the classroom and now it is about time I¬†widened my audience to beyond the school walls and passed on some sage life and property tips in a series of viral videos. I’ve already ironed the shirts and picked the tie I’ll wear to showcase me as a freelance writer.

Tune in next week.