Whilst you’re sipping your Harvey’s Bristol Cream (oh I do miss that and other alcohol!), your thoughts may turn to 2019 or they may not. I’m always planning ahead, because being freelance and self-employed means you can’t think “Sod it I’ll take January 2019 off and have a much-needed rest.”

I’ve got plans underway too – there’s websites on the horizon for various clients that will occupy that month and beyond, but I’m also tingling with anticipation at working with three new clients – all on their social media, which is great.

Without divulging too much, I’ve carried out an audit of a company who’ve contacted me and have agreed to pay me a monthly retainer for a year to write content for their email campaigns, newsletters and website and run their social media for a set amount per month. I say a year. There’s an unspoken rule that it can be terminated by me if they turn out to be bellends (technical term for bad clients).

There’s certain things I don’t like you see – mainly being owned and micro-managed.

A company last year tried to treat me like a skivvy in the company – I told them where to shove their retained contract, after a couple of months.

I have this mentality that if I pay someone to service my boiler, landscape my garden, write my will, I don’t go all nit-picking and controlling on them and accept they’re the experts.

Just as I’m half decent with marketing and writing, I kick off when a bellend client insists on owning me.

Got a great feeling about all three though as I’ve tested the water so to speak with each.

The second client is paying me to lead their personal LinkedIn company pages and profile, as well as prospecting for suitable connections. Serious stuff and quite ironic given that I blur social media boundaries on LinkedIn and post family and personal stuff to piss the LinkedIn feds off.

The third is another estate agent. I work for about ten already, so this is a busman’s holiday indeed.  Estate agents have a bad reputation and I must say it’s largely deserved.

But I’ve mined a rich seam of decent ones – like Hogan’s in Leeds and Pure North Norfolk in Fakenham, whose staff and ethos chimes with mine and never a cross word has been muttered in 2 years with each company.

There you have it.

I won’t be getting drunk this Christmas or with any others in the future as I’m an avowed teetotal whose relationship with alcohol has been terminated for good.

I wish you all a great break and if you need any work done in terms of content marketing, a new website, social media stuff, get in touch now.

I have an expensive San Pellegrino habit and I intend buying a new BMW soon so every little helps.