Norwich sells itself as a fine city. We had never visited it until 1997.

We then moved to Norfolk, in 2008, and I must admit I knew little about the city – whether it was Fine (or foine) or not.

It is though.

We personally think it’s a stunning city.


Quality of life is excellent here: the weather is invariably dry and sunny, warm summers, fairly mild winters. There seems to be very little crime here. Property is varied and reasonable in price – even more so when you leave the city.

Norwich city centre is wonderful. It is beautiful. Grand buildings, a palpable sense of history, with the castle, cathedrals and stunning city centre architecture.  The road network is not great, but when we think back to York and the tortuous crawl from Escrick to the city centre, traffic seems relatively light.

Shopping and restaurants are outstanding too. The city centre is very compact (unlike say Sheffield) and not congested with traffic. There’s the usual suspects in two shopping malls: Chapelfield and Castle Mall, a historic area of independent shops, The Lanes plus Jarrolds and John Lewis.

The other striking aspect is how safe Norwich feels.

There’s no urban “edge” to it whatsoever in our opinion.

Granted it’s the butt of many jokes and infamously associated with the Sale of the Century and Alan Partridge, but to us now, 7 years later, it’s home, a good home and a fine city we love living near.

If you’ve never been to Norwich, you’re really missing out. Book a weekend here. You really should.

We prefer it to Manchester, York, Chester, Bath, Canterbury, which are all beautiful in their own right.

Norwich – you’re a Fine City yes and you certainly live up to the marketing spin.