Manchester copywriter – how to make the sun shine, online. Ambitious title, perhaps, as we all know (well Mancunians at least) that the rain in Manchester is a fallacy?

Yes, a pathetic fallacy.

So I’m here to get rid of that urban myth of moist Manchester, by bringing some much needed sunshine into the city.

Everyone loves lists so here’s a list about Manchester from this wannabe Manchester copywriter:

  1. Manchester’s reputation for rain came from an ill-informed map from 1926, a recent Mancunian study has shown that Manchester is actually one of Britain’s drier cities. Whatever.
  2. 5 major authors were born in Manchester, which is perhaps statistically low, when one considers its proud musical heritage with giants of rock, like Take That and Simply Red, coming from there.
  3. It has a proud retail history too with Marks and Spencer’s opening its first branch there in 1894 with Simply Red’s greatest hits on a loop in the background.
  4. Manchester is home to Emily Pankhurst, from Moss Side, who threw herself in front of a horse as she was so fed up with rain.
  5. Manchester, or Greater Manchester, has 98 train stations – the highest amount of any urban area in the UK, along with 75,000 rain shelters.
  6. No one likes Manchester United. No one.
  7. Manchester is landlocked – no sea, except for giant puddles.
  8. It has six universities spawning Manc accents, Manchester copywriters and its own form of metalanguage – “mint”, “nice one”, “it’s pissing down again.”
  9. Manchester airport is the third busiest in the UK with millions seeking an escape to sunshine daily.
  10. 2.5 million people live there, and 6 million umbrellas.

Now I’ve not been entirely transparent about why I’ve done this blog so I will be now.

I taught in Manchester for four years (Failsworth School, where parents paid council tax to Oldham council but every one of them and their kids had Manchester tattooed on their hearts) and have great memories of the place, the people, the rain.

When we went back last year, the city was better than when I lived and worked there.

We marvelled at the transformation of the Northern Quarter, the fact that the Arndale no longer felt like Armageddon and the cityscape and people were as warm as ever.

But that’s candy floss fluff.

The real reason I’ve penned a paean to Manchester is because, idly analysing keywords for my website tonight (how I roll on Fridays), I spotted I was in 31st position for the search term “Manchester copywriter.”

Now what I’m hoping, indeed expecting, is that this little blog will propel me up to 30th and tomorrow or next week some bearded creative sat in Dough or The Briton’s Protection will spot my advancing SEO position, mutter “Nice one” and commission me to create some content marketing stuff for his or her business.

I can see it now, can’t you?

Stuart Walton, Manchester Copywriter, rains supreme.