Despite having enough work to occupy me freelance, I quite fancy leaving the house once or twice a week.

Not just to shop, not just to meet clients, not just to exercise (those demons) at the gym, but to mix, mingle, and be merry amongst a workforce.

You see, like Alan Sillitoe’s Smith, I need, at times, to get out and do something long distance.

I’m open to one day a week opportunities from 9 til 5 on a day you’d like, to stave off self-employed loneliness (and to get the wife off my back).

I can do many things too.

  • I’m a dab hand at content writing.
  • I know my way round social media, like an old Mark Zuckerberg.
  • I have a passion for property and would be quite happy to work one day a week in an estate or letting agency. I did this full time before you see.
  • I can teach English.
  • I am very sociable and would happily work in a customer facing role – preferably not a bar as I’ve gone teetotal for good.
  • I’m even open to volunteering for a worthy cause.

So, what you waiting for?

Drop me an email: [email protected] and hit me with offers that will make this long distance writer less lonely.