Tim Peake is busy demonstrating his powers in space, like some British Chris Hadfield (without the songs), and taking photos of Manchester and London from the ISS. The moon has had Jupiter sat next to it too, last week, I recall.

My daughter Ruby is currently engrossed in planetary probing as she’s covering Space Explorers in Year 5 as part of the International Primary Curriculum. It’s rubbed off a bit on me too and I often find myself staring at the moon, yes staring nor barking.

It’s topical too because of the Christmas John Lewis advert which I’ve written about before.

The moon, my daughter reliably informs me, is a 60 hour journey from earth, which must have really impacted on John Lewis’s marketing budget. The man in the advert would do well to survive there too, she informs me.

Okay it’s remotely realistic in 2015, if you suspend disbelief, but did Armstrong, Aldrin actually land on the moon, whilst Michael Collins drove round for a few hours in July 1969? I’m not convinced.

I was just four at that time and only have a vague recollection of the era, but not the moon landing.

I remember we never had a family car until the seventies, never had a home phone until then and yet have vivid memories of the knitwear, rounded collars and flared trousers that were de rigeur in 1969, as well as the advent of the cassette recorder etc.

Yet, we are expected to believe that Apollo 11 was designed to propel men to the moon and back, whilst we sat at home watching our three channels on black and white television, sans remote control.

Admittedly, there’s evidence of footprints, like Bigfoot’s, but surely that could have been a studio hoax, as could the footage of flags and moonwalking?

The whole era from 1968 to 1972 was moon obsessed with repeated landings taking place up to Apollo 17 in 1972.

In the 44 years since though, there haven’t been any more moon landings, which seems odd to me.

Doesn’t it to you? Is that because it was all an elaborate hoax? What do you think?


PS. I do believe they put a man on the moon.