Curious term, ghost writer? I personally don’t associate ghouls and ghosts with writing, but someone has linked them.

Ghosts by their very nature are dead, aren’t they? Spirits? Wandering round outside at night or inside in haunted houses. I’ve watched “The Others” and can see that Nicole Kidman’s character doesn’t wear white sheets, neither do Nicholas or Anne, her children. They are photosensitive though and I’d imagine that is a definite ghost characteristic.

A ghost writer though is a living being, a creative spirit, who is an expert with words.

Until recently, I only knew of ghost writers from various best selling football biographies and autobiographies – the footballer, manager, agent pays a writer to tell the story with ideas from the footballer or manager. You get the idea. Children’s books are often told by ghost writers too, and political memoirs. The best selling Beast Quest and Rainbow Magic novels must be ghost-written, given the frequency of their publication. It’s an enterprise I’d like to get involved with.

On a smaller scale, ghost writing is something I’ve done recently – a task this weekend was to ghost-write an article about outdoor clothing. Yesterday I was asked to write a post about the local property scene.

Now why these are different is that ownership of the post is passed over to the one who wants it for their website, website brochure, printed materials. It’s not signed by me, I don’t implant a physical or digital signature and I don’t showcase these ghost writer posts on my website or social media links.

No, they’re written to drive traffic and customers to their websites, their services, their business, not mine.

I enjoyed writing each, being nocturnal and wailing when the words became fuzzy. It was also liberating wrapping myself in a white fitted sheet and hammering away at the keyboard.

Method acting that De Niro would be proud of.