Freelance writer, yes, that’s me. But what does freelance writer, actually mean?

It means I’m self-employed but with hundreds of bosses – customers. That’s the freelance bit covered hopefully. I’m not tied to a company – you want me to ghost write I will.

As a freelance writer, I’m completely flexible (in writing terms)- though approaching 51, my physical flexibility is not what it was. So what can I write? Anything you want:

  1. 400 word blog post, 20 times or 4 times a month, ask me. I am creative, accurate, reliable and resilient.
  2. You want copy for a leaflet? Get in touch.
  3. You want content to propel you up Google pages, contact me.
  4. You want a job doing quickly, with quality assured, pick me.
  5. I won’t miss deadlines – I’ve had bells regimenting my life for 46 years.
  6. Copy will be delivered on time every time, with revisions made quickly.

So teacher to freelance writer, head of English to digital copywriter, Director of English to digital literacy expert, estate agent to writer.

So what does a freelance writer actually write?

Working with you, I will create outstanding website content: copyediting, web copywriting and SEO copywriting.

I can write blog posts and articles to propel you up Google ranks, with carefully selected keywords for all search engines. You name your web content, I’ll write you copy.

Press releases? No problem. In this digital age of online news, engaging readers on the website is as important as on the printed page.

Sales letters, emails and direct mails can be crafted for maximum impact.

Marketing materials – flyers, posters, brochures, newsletters – you name them and I’ll write them – I’m lucky to be working closely with a top notch design team in Manchester who will knock my copy into stunning visual materials.

Case Studies – you provide me with findings and resources and leave it with me to write, reshape and improve it for your business.

High quality copywriting – for your customers and search engines – delivered on time, every time.

Proofreading – you haven’t got time or the inclination to go through your writing with the proverbial tooth comb? Don’t worry, I’ve got stacks of them waiting at home to spot the spelling or grammatical error or shift things around. I’m a one proofreader agency – I’ve done it with a red pen since 1987 – so I’m used to this.

CVs – no problem, you send me your personal details in confidence and I’ll design a CV that will make you stand out in the recruitment queues.

These are the sort of packages I offer:

  • Blog posts – on a monthly retainer – you say how many you’d like writing – be it 4, 10, or 20 I’ll put together a price for you.
  • Social media management for businesses – from creating compelling Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter pages to actually managing them daily with updates, photos, links and stories. I already manage four which generate traffic and clients to your products and services. Get in touch for more details.  Some businesses already employ Social Media Managers – you want to compete, contact me today for prices.