Googling freelance writer jobs tonight, I stumbled upon a perfect fit.

  • Experience needed of WordPress sites – tick.
  • Working understanding of HTML coding – tick.
  • Good knowledge of SEO copywriting – tick.

Salary seemed reasonable too.

But as I clicked through from the advert to fill in the websites I’d created copy for, the blog posts which had generated the most hits according to analytics, I stopped.

I’d conveniently ignored a stipulation of the job: location.

The job poster of the role had not hidden this on his advert – it was stated several times in big print like Smoking Kills on cigarette packets. It was clear, it was obvious, but I ploughed on.

Because freelance writer jobs are so often based in London, I got a bit giddy when I realised this wasn’t in London.

I filled in the details on the online application form, crafted carefully my responses ensuring I went up to the word limit in each section, and sieving through various blog posts to pick favoured ones.

Submit button, submit button, glared at me.

Hit me, hit me, baby one more time?

I hit the x button on the browser tab, instead.


The job which appeared to fit me to a tee, was 182 miles away from home – a fact gleaned from Google Maps.

That is a massive commute for someone who has limited employment in schools in my long career – rightly or wrongly – to a maximum of 30 minutes’ travel by car.

But it got me thinking, musing deeply in fact and I’m going to send this post his way.

Jim, my website designer, built 3 websites for me, when he is based in Manchester and us on the English equivalent of Mars, Norfolk. Jim never once suggested that I should drive up to Manchester so we could talk copy.

Now I know if someone is salarying you, they perhaps need to desk share with you so they can measure your value for money – or having you brewing up or lackeying (been there epochs ago).

But do I need to be sat next to Rita, Sue or Bob?

No. You see Jim has never desk shared.

I’ve commissioned Jim to build 3 websites for me, I’ve provided all the copy without leaving the Norfolk homestead or him leaving his Manchester gaff.  We each have access to the three websites, with me trusting Jim and Jim (generally) trusting me not to mess up.

So here’s a message to those who post freelance writer jobs, please be flexible.

I’ll be far more productive working from home, with you at the end of a FaceTime or Skype call.

Trust who you’re hiring, hopefully me, and if I don’t come up to scratch, 182 miles away from your base, get rid of me.