Be Your Own Boss, Self Employment, Freelance love – whatever you choose to call it, there’s lots to recommend it – if you have the financial stability.

There’s probably more than 5 reasons I love it but I’ll limit it to just 5 for blog brevity.

Here goes:

  1. Every day is different. There’s no clocking in, clocking out, bells regimenting my day. One day may involve writing a series of property listings, creating a CV, and proofreading some newsletters; the next may be writing evergreen tweets for others, posting sponsored Facebook posts and analysing their reach; the third day may involve a meeting in some North Norfolk honeypot, followed by a lunch in Norwich city centre. Freelance is like that. It gives freedom.
  2. The Sunday feeling is never felt. That Sunday night tossing and turning about work dissipates when you’re self-employed. Okay other worries surface but I sleep soundly 7 days a week now. It’s the new Memory Foam pillows too? Admittedly, the Friday feeling and ecstasy of Bank Holiday Mondays is never experienced – but the absence of night fidgets mitigates.
  3. Doing what you enjoy. This to me is what freelance writing is all about. I’m pursuing a passion, not a pay cheque. When you get feedback verbally or in an email expressing gratitude and being lauded, it is a great feeling. Being paid for what you love doing – in my case, writing – is a true dream of a job.
  4. Picking and choosing. I’ve found it odd to accept freelance freedom in lots of ways. It’s liberating and at first weird. It means, unlike, say in paid employment, I can say no if the work doesn’t light my fire. The other day I was approached to do something which paid well but, I’m afraid, filled me with the prospect of tedium – so I emailed back and politely declined. Freelance gives you that power.
  5. Connecting with the school run. Maybe not everyone’s cup of Earl Grey, but there is something wonderful about being able to drop your child off at primary without the commuting angst. I set my own diary, and can juggle work and home with this freelance love affair I’m having.