I don’t know about you but I’m inundated daily by emails, with many examples of woeful email copywriting.

Inundated with emails offering 50 free spins, a free £10 spreadbet, £50 if I open an online poker account – and I don’t even gamble – except in Spring, accompanied by lambs, obviously.

Email is like that?

White noise.

Yet we’re all told it’s the holy grail – email marketing campaigns.


It’s cheap, measurable and is proven to deliver success, so how come I’ve not gambled on any of the Junk I receive daily.


Those senders are targeting the wrong person with the wrong content with the wrong message.

If they offered me £1000 to open an online betting account, I wouldn’t bite, I’m certain, would you?

Other forms of marketing are less measurable and less effective – direct mail, leaflet drops, cold calling either by phone or in person take much more time, energy and forethought you could argue than an email campaign.

You walk round an estate, posting pizza menus, estate agency flyers, or window cleaning services and sit back waiting for results.

4% apparently is the success rate here.

Post 100 leaflets and generate 4 enquiries.

Distribute 1000 flyers and get 40.

And so on.

Have you thought though seriously, as a business owner or director, of employing someone to do your email copywriting?

You pay for web design, portals and probably don’t bat an eyelid at the exorbitant monthly outlay, demanded by Rightmove, Zoopla.

You may even pay someone to distribute your flyers, or do it yourself, with your estate agency team.

I know as I’ve seen adverts for leaflet distributors from estate agents, generally clustered in Essex and London. I know as I distributed leaflets as an estate agent for someone else and my own company.

Those leaflets have been designed at a cost, printed at a price and now distributed with (or without) payment.


Do you pay as much attention to email copywriting and marketing?

I’m guessing not.

Why not?

You may be thinking of the leaflet which was lovingly designed and figure that it may have a longer shelf life.

You want someone to pick it up from their hallway, notice it, read it and hopefully do something with it, other than bin it.

Same with email copywriting.

You want someone to pick up the email, notice and read it, not send it to the virtual dustbin.

How though?

You employ an email copywriting specialist to complete such a task.

I’ll give a walkthrough here, a list of 5 tips, 5 things I do as an email copywriting freelancer:

  1. The title, the subject line of the email, has to be spot on, in terms of length, vocabulary and its tone – titles with positive or negative emotions do better than neutral ones. It’s the first thing a recipient sees – like a blog title, a leaflet headline, a newsletter heading, it needs to catch the eye, and keep the eye looking. I can spend as long on a title of a blog post as I do on the content. Emails are no different.
  2. The opening. Emails that are addressed to the recipient in person, whether that’s Dear Stuart, Dear Mr Walton, Dear Stuart Walton, do better than Dear Customer, Dear Friend. Paid for email marketing campaigns can already do this task for you. You tell me who your customers are, I’ll pen the content for that audience.
  3. The content. My favourite email content currently is from Schuh. They have witty titles, great images, and compelling content that 9 times out of 10 gets me clicking through. Is your content being crafted as carefully, in terms of branded images and deliberate, carefully thought out words, backed up by attractive links? Your content needs to provide value to its recipients, provide answers to questions they may be looking for, in an attractive, concise way.
  4. The Call to Action. An email copywriting expert will always recommend a CTA, ideally at the end. This is what you want your email to achieve – do you want the recipient to look at your featured property of the week, the latest promotion for selling your property through them, or to visit your website and read the news in the blog section? You can have more than one CTA too. Three though, I think, should be the absolute maximum. One in the middle could be getting the recipient to click through to your website news, a second to read Testimonials, which acts as social proof and a third to contact you via linking to a simple form.
  5. Social media links. You want people to be presented with choice when they receive an email in terms of both the CTAs and the social media links. Incorporating a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn logo and live links will direct traffic to platforms they use and like. In my email campaigns, I use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn every time.

I’ve now run 10 campaigns for Get Pro Copy to various companies across the UK, the worst performing one was the first I set up in May which had a 20% clickthrough and opening rate, to one  in July which has had a 65% CTR.

I spent a day designing that most recent email campaign that has had the best results.

One full day.

I tested other campaigns at different times of day, and different days, to measure effectiveness and have recorded their impact.

Monday 9am? 12 noon or 3.30 pm?

Or does Friday, or Wednesday, perform better?

I’ll reveal more on the next email copywriting blog post.

Emails don’t always have to be about sell either.

Your emails should be regarded as having value and therefore being welcomed, not binned.

A good example of this is a newsletter I receive weekly via email – it’s full of sage advice and overtly sells a service in just one of five emails.

Email copywriting experts also recommend scheduling emails at the same time each week – this way, a received email is expected and welcomed at that time and on that day.

An email copywriting strategist should always plan a series of emails – I’ve planned for several companies in blocks of 20, with different content, varied CTAs all with compelling titles and content.

Do you spend this amount of time on your email campaigns?

Would you like a skilled writer to devise an email copywriting campaign for you that delivers results?

Well then, call me or email me when it’s convenient for you.

I can set up a measurable campaign, with a one off or a series of emails, for less money, and with more success, than paying a designer, a copywriter, a printer and distributors for that leaflet.

That lovely leaflet, statistically, will get you a 4% success rate and probably cost you around £500?

How much will an email campaign cost you for a series of emails that you can reuse, adapt and have guaranteed, measurable impact?

Feel free to drop me an email now on [email protected] to find out what I can do for you with email copywriting.