I use Apple to copywrite on constantly. Aviva, based here in Norwich, revealed a list of its most stolen Christmas presents for last year.

Unsurprisingly, perhaps, came the news that 8 out of the top 10 stolen goods were from Apple.

The iPhone 5 topped the list, followed by the 13 inch Macbook Pro.

Ten years ago, it reveals that the Playstation 2 and Bridget Jones’s Diary DVD topped the list.

As an Apple aficionado, this news worries me a little because I write copy, I copywrite on Apple products – either my iPad or iMac, rarely on my iPhone as I’m too old and it’s too small.

Will these be under siege this year, particularly as the trend for Apple thefts looks unlikely to subside. Okay, I have home insurance, as these victims clearly did as Aviva could compile statistics from claims. But what would happen if our Apple devices were lifted?

Precautionary actions to protect my copywrite?

Should we lower the odds and switch to Blackberry smartphones, Android tablets and Windows laptops? Knowing any burglar may point and laugh and say “Nokia Lumia 530, haha, a Hudl rofl” etc.

Why do burglars assume every household is a micro Apple store, with bearded, tattooed children and parents play Minecraft, whilst ridiculing any other operating system?

Taking this a step further, do burglars assume there is a Genius bar lurking at the back door of the property where a cracked screen will be replaced in an instant, if the stolen good doesn’t meet their expectations? And will the thieves FaceTime us later to say thanks?

I’ve learned though, the hard way, from losing blog posts, copywriting in the past – now it’s all in the iCloud, all my documents autosave there. I can copywrite blithely on Pages, knowing I can access them anywhere.

So, Christmas Day, I have no fears: my Apple products are all insured, and the stuff I copywrite is all backed up. My iPhone is glued to my hand too.

I’m safe – make sure your Bridget Jones, PS2 and iPads are this Christmas and into the new year.