Get Pro Copy reached a milestone yesterday – it turned 2 years old. I knew when I began planning the business that it would succeed, namely because I love writing and I knew that the idea of providing a decent content marketing strategy for others would work.

To be honest, I never had any doubts about it “having legs” as a concept, but rather than sing “Happy birthday to me” I need to give an explanation of what content marketing is about.

What I do mainly is ghostwrite and write copy for clients.

It frees them from head scratching and middle distance staring over content, structure, spelling and grammar. I find writing comes easily to me and I can write about the property industry (my niche, my passion) til the cows come home.

My business allows your company to focus on its business – providing excellent service and products.

If someone asked me to lay a patio or cook a fine meal, I’d know they’d completely misjudged me. I’m rubbish at both as well as many other things.

If someone asks to knock up a neat blog, a story, an article about a topic, I’m on it like a Tory on the poor.

Marketing is not about selling, it’s about putting your company in pole position so that when someone chooses who to buy or sell with (in the case of houses) they pick you.

That decision may be now, tomorrow, next week or in 6 months or 2 years, but content marketing, to my understanding, influences that decision.

In 2 years, I’ve penned over 5,000 blogs on here, on LinkedIn, on Medium, on 321 Websites, on Hogan’s, on Pure North Norfolk  and for many others under grandly titled NDAs.

You know what too?

Each one is unique to the client and for Google search.

These companies all know a content marketing strategy and social media campaign is not a Wham Bam Thank You Mam overnight fix. To win customers it’s a long term strategy but each company I work for has seen gains of some sorts, for relatively little financial outlay.

I remember when I worked as an estate agent, I was taken aback by the cost of a one page spread in the EDP, a king’s ransom. For the same price, I could have paid for a writer and social media agency to promote the business for two months, and probably not ended up with it as chip wrappings or landfill.

Any content marketing strategy needs to be primarily focused on digital.

It needs to follow the 30-70 rule: 30% creating, 70% sharing.

Content takes a week to create, refine and design – another two weeks are spent sharing it.

I get that now, after 2 years of building this business into a Ltd Company.

What others still don’t get though is that by providing content that informs, entertains or persuades, whether that it is a spreadsheet of evergreen tweets, a series of Facebook and Instagram posts, an email campaign, a LinkedIn article or a blog post, you become the psychological business leader in your field.

A blogging strategy is very affordable too for most businesses.

Some companies I know charge £90 to £300 for content creation and distribution for ONE ARTICLE.

That is perhaps not affordable if you want one a week, depending on your company’s circumstances.

My charges are more modest, but my content marketing strategy and customer service is pretty good.

If you want to grow your business, your product sales, invest in a copywriter and social media manager.

Invest in a content marketing strategy.

I can help with both content and social media, and if the field of writing expertise doesn’t sit comfortably with me, I know other writers with great ability in their niches.

My niche is writing for estate and letting agents and it’s something I love doing and, I hope, do well with.

Want to know more about I can make you the thought leader in your town, city, village?

Drop me an email: st[email protected] or ring me or FaceTime me on 07462923476 on my new iPhone 8 Plus (not the X, no.)