Much to the bemusement of friends on social media, we act, here in Norfolk, like we live abroad – by drinking only bottled water.

So what, you may think?

We do too.

Or you may utter “pillock” under your breath?

I’m reminded daily though when I deposit empty plastic containers, in the green bin outside, that it is environmentally destructive.

The water is bottled, transported across countries, to be consumed and then thrown away, when we have a perfectly adequate water supply.


Except tap water in Norfolk, to my refined taste buds, is limey and chlorine-ridden. Not as bad as the recent water infection where I grew up – in Thorne, Doncaster, but a bit unpleasant tasting.

I’ve had less chlorine in swimming pool gulps.

I’m utterly conscious though that this bottled water bill is extravagant – we probably spend £20 a month on sparkling, still and small bottled water for lunchboxes – the same as our metered water bill.

As I drag the green bin out fortnightly, and look at others bursting at their lids in the cutely named Bin Collection Point, I realise myself and my neighbours are living a life fanplastic.

I’m sure too it’s replicated across the estate, suburb and east of England.

So what can I do?

I have tried and ditched a water filter – it tasted little better and I was warned about the health consequences of the silver ions, long term.

I have tried a diet of gin, but that proved prohibitively expensive.

Lemon and ice cubes have been used with tap water to mask its Domestos edge.

But, dear readers, I’m afraid to admit, I’ve cracked alcohol, stopping totally for this month and maybe beyond (check out my Just Giving page) but the water situation is a more difficult nut to crack.

First world problems eh?

Bottled water, I know, is a habit that we seem unable to break.

Do others use it or have you found good alternatives?

And please, if you’re from Manchester, I know your water is fed from the Lake District, but moving to a M postcode just for tap water seems a tad excessive.

My next vlog on YouTube is going to be a blindfolded water test – bet you can’t wait for that thrilling upload.

I will try 10 different types of water, blind, and try to assert their source, indeed their brand.

Wish me luck, and if I fail to differentiate, I will henceforth drink Norfolk tap water.