I came fairly late to writing online; 2014 to be exact, but since then I’m always on the lookout for the best blogging sites.

Some spring readily to mind: Medium is a veritable treasure trove for writers. It’s a storytelling blogging site, built by the Twitter co-founder Evan Williams in 2012. His intention was to free writers (and readers) from the shackles of 140 characters to tell narratives and offer a different take perhaps, content slant.

I publish on there, not Blogger, which is arguably regarded as the one of the best blogging sites.

My favourite though is always WordPress.

Having had the estate agency site expertly built on that platform, as well as a personal website on living gluten free, it was the stand-out choice for Get Pro Copy. Once it is is set up by a web designer, with the theme set and menus created, it is without equal.

+ New – allows me to simply add a new blog post with plugins like Yoast SEO guiding me to the Valhalla of green lights where all SEO angles have been covered.

WordPress is one of the best blogging sites.

I also used LinkedIn to publish posts, many of which have not been published on Get Pro Copy or Medium.

LinkedIn does allow three tags in the footer and usefully counts the number of page views without the complexity of Google Analytics and deciphering bounce rates. I pick and mix on LinkedIn: sometimes sharing the URL link from this site or sometimes copying and pasting with some adaptation. I try not to make LinkedIn posts, or indeed blog posts, too “salesy”.

Yes, often there’s a CTA (Call to Action) but this is not always “email me, call me.”

I sometimes ask for shares or follows on Twitter or provide links to the Facebook page or Contact Form.

No-one, I think, likes the pushy sales tactics of yore?

Here’s my CTA: thanks for reading, and if you know other blogging sites, please let me know.