How much do Social Media Marketing packages cost?

Get Googling and find out?

Or read on?

First, a bold assertion, typed in bold too:

Social media marketing is the most cost-effective marketing strategy there is.

That’s not some flimsy assertion by me – it’s based on facts.

You’re running a business though and possibly haven’t got the time to create content, respond to queries and engage with customers on social media.

You may have someone in-house doing it, but not with any marketing strategy in place, other than Publish and Pray.

Let me do it for you, as something of a Social Media expert.

I’m already doing it for numerous businesses and there’s no bad reviews (yet) of my social media marketing work.

I’ve already been transparent about what I charge per blog post in other kiss and tell articles but here I’ll lay it all out in black and white for you to look at, compare and make a marketing budgeting decision based on whether:

  1. You trust me to manage social media for you.
  2. You recognise the long term value in a social media strategy.


Set up a Facebook page with all fields completed, profile picture, cover photo and a week of driving engagement with a daily post, some boosted posts, all to gain engagement with reach measured. All yours for £50 including VAT.


As with Facebook, I build a Bio, a Profile Picture, Cover Photo, create a company URL for your website, find followers and tweet for one week with about 50 posts in total, responding to mentions, likes and retweets very promptly, creating a compellingly positive impression of your business, service or product. £50 too.


I create a Company Pinterest Page, add  boards to the page and fill these with content and URLs to drive traffic back to your website. Pins are uploaded at weekends only as engagement is highest then. This is usually fed for 8 days in one month. £50 for the month.


I set up a company Instagram page, research target audience and fill your feed with 30 posts in one week to create follows and engagement. I respond too to likes and comments and like and follow relevant users back. I brand images and create engaging content with relevant content attached. £50 again to set up and feed.


A Google Plus page is established, or revived from its coma, the business is verified on Google and one post with relevant hashtags is posted daily to feed Search Engine Page Rankings. £50 for the month.


I set up your company page, find followers and post once a day to the company page every week day at strategic times. £50 for one month.


Ask me to write compelling and accurate content for your website, newsletters, press releases. Prices usually start at £50 per post, and can cost more, depending on complexity, subject matter and word count. These are all SEO researched using purchased Keyword Software (not free Google Adword tools).



For a fixed sum, you can have social media pages established across all platforms with the option to pick and mix from the 6.

£300 buys you all six and you trust me to manage each for a week or a month, coaching you along the way.

Want just Instagram and Facebook pages establishing? That costs less, i.e. £100.

You have the option to stop after just one month, as I invoice you at the outset for the agreed work.

Each week, I report back to you with social media analytics and you then have the option to let me carry on for an agreed retainer or I’m more than happy to pass the baton to you, by training you and your team to take on the social media marketing with a little, free, hand-holding from me.

I guarantee you won’t feel disappointed with my marketing tactics.

Read my testimonials on Google Plus, Facebook and LinkedIn and have a look at the five social media icons on Get Pro Copy and judge for yourself whether I can walk the walk, as well as talking the talk.

Complete the contact form or ring me on 07462923476 now and get your social media marketing sorted for 2018 and beyond.