Covid 19, or Come on Eileen, has made me, and, no doubt, so many others, reflect on mortality.

I don’t intend dying any day  soon, admittedly, but after a rather dodgy week in Edinburgh, in February, and the recent quarantine and news, events have made me think more.

I can honestly say, in my 54 years on earth, that I’ve never witnessed scenes like these playing out before us. The tragic incidents from across the globe of people dying and the utter fuckwittery of UK households hoarding toilet roll. These are sad times indeed.

In the past month, I’ve effectively lost a huge chunk of income from businesses stopping retainers for digital marketing and blogging. I completely understand that individuals and companies have to make sacrifices and so their social media is binned.

Weirdly though, like a broken record, I’ve seen other aspects of my diverse business take off instead – website orders have accelerated, new contracts for writing content for new websites have landed and though social media from many longstanding clients has halted, I’ll be alright. I know that.

My days have changed though

Instead of it being just me working from home with a smelly dog at my feet, there’s now son, home from Cardiff University, which closed; wife whose part-time teaching of MFL is now remote; and daughter revelling in the lie ins and online learning from quarantine.

There’s been anxieties – about income, the future and contracting the virus as older parents, as well as wondering where the next bog roll will come from, but, to put a positive spin on it, there is something wondrous about my family of four being so close together again, albeit in separate rooms, with mealtimes uniting us all.

I’ve always been blessed with this tight nuclear family unit. I love all three of them as much as say a new Apple gadget or an iOS update. I relish their proximity. The house feels whole again with 4 people and a dog laughing and lounging together.

Now before I lapse into further mawkishness and dampen the iMac keyboard with droplets of tears, I wish you all well during this difficult time.

Don’t let the isolation depress you.

See it as a time to learn new skills, albeit indoors, or on your one walk per day.

Only a few months ago, Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Waitrose were mourning the losses they were incurring as shopping patterns changed – now you can’t get an online delivery for a month. They’re expanding and taking on staff.

Remember too when this shit fest passes, those companies like haart estate agency, Waterstones, Wetherspoons, Rightmove and others who acted less than honourably – and when the jail gates are thrown open, do boycott these fuckers for their shambolic treatment of staff.

It’s business as normal for me – I’ve just made a switch to focus on web design and if you can’t physically open a shop to sell your products or services, remember that the streets are empty because everyone is indoors kicking toilet rolls and ordering stuff online. I even do interest free web design packages.

If you want to strengthen your online presence, get in touch with me – email, message me or call – and I will hold my iPhone at a safe 2 metre distance!