London-based copywriter?

It’s one of the biggest monthly Google searches according to my research, so I’m cannily trying to get myself through that search door when really I’m 119 miles away.

119 miles is no big deal.

I walked from St Bees to Robin Hood’s Bay, back in the day (in nine days) and if push came to shove, a walk down the A12 would be easy for me.

I could be in London within 2 hours (by train, not foot) and pretend to be based there to any company who pay me to attend.

I’ve not yet mastered Estuary English but I have been to London at least 10 times, and I used to watch “Eastenders” and still watch “The Apprentice” so I know my way round.

I think.

The problem is though that I still carry baggage from when I was 17.


I applied, you see, for two Polytechnics there (I didn’t want university, I was a socialist warrior keeping it real) and on arriving at King’s Cross from my hometown of Doncaster, I did something, in London terms, that is remarkable and marked me out as a weirdo.

I walked.

Yes, I walked to the Polytechnic of North London (I think) to its campus in Tottenham, a place that scared me in 1982, with it taking 90 minutes to walk each way, armed with a cagoule (ex trainspotter) and an A to Z of London.

A week later, I did the same, walking this time to Kentish Town for an interview there.

I was offered places at both for an English degree and had I accepted I would probably be right to claim fame as a London-based copywriter.

London scared me though at 17, and to be honest, it holds little appeal 35 years later.


I went to Sunderland instead – but Sunderland-based copywriter has zero searches so really going there was a massive SEO faux pas.

Manchester and London both seem to be places to be based for copywriting – but to be honest, it defeats me why you’d need to be based in either.

Even in deepest Norfolk, we have FaceTime and Skype (though no motorways) and if a client from Hoxton or Shoreditch or the Northern Quarter of Manchester contacted me for copy, I wouldn’t need to hop on a train and walk from Euston or Piccadilly to either to write.

I suppose  it would create this Tory type empathy that we’re all in it together, when I’d battled through London along with the rest of the agency staff, to sit knackered and depleted of creativity, with one thing only on my mind – the return commute.


It’s daft isn’t it?

This London-based copywriter, Manchester-based copywriter has no place in searches in 2017?


Technologically, I’m a Skype call, a FaceTime chat away.

So London companies, rolling in that big city dosh; Manchester companies, rolling in that big city rain, get in touch if you need a freelance writer.

I’ve got more tech at home than an Apple store, so you wouldn’t need me to commute to you.

And if you do need someone to laze empathetically around your office, find someone who is London or Manchester based, and sap their creativity by wasting their energies on travel time.