The reason I exist, Get Pro Copy exists, is because I am a literacy expert.

I’ve got a knack with words, a fair few teaching and learning techniques from my classroom years, and a desire to help others with literacy.

It was teaching English what did it.

When a 9 year old or 18 year old was struggling to find the right words to express themselves verbally or in writing, I didn’t guffaw and point.

I helped them with their literacy.

It’s in my DNA, after 27 years of educational imprisonment.

I call it imprisonment deliberately because teachers and students are trapped in a system that is corrupt and pointless.

Nihilist or realist?

You decide.

Those 27 years of shaping minds and futures is ostensibly over, but it’s not really, the setting has changed –  as the spirit of improving literacy lives on, but with businesses, and with me marooned in an office like those dreadful Senior Leadership Teams, who avoid the chalkface.

If a business asks me to look over web copy, digital marketing materials, printed matter, if I spot errors, I don’t roll on the floor laughing, I intervene and help with literacy, to save you from losing money.

It’s what I’ve done since 1987 and am still doing now without the leg irons and shackles of rules set by sociopathic headteachers in schools.

I help, just as I’ve always helped.

I’ll help your business too with its digital literacy.

Correct grammar and spelling is vital too for SEO.

Perhaps as important is your business literacy on customers.

It’s what I’ve done for 30 years and you can take the boy out of a classroom, but you can’t take the classroom out of the boy.

I spot all sorts in my new role: typos, spelling errors, grammatical mistakes and, although sometimes I can’t resist broadcasting errors like “pies de resistance” from a Birmingham company, I generally smile inwardly and start with my virtual red pen.

It’s what I do: help others to write (and read) better.

For me, going freelance was wholly logical.

I taught from 1987 to 2013, left teaching, worked in estate agency for two years, then returned to teaching before the God of Freelance had a word with me.

They say everything that happens to you is part of a big learning experience and, boy (or girl), have I learned in the past 4 years.

You’re not, I know, in my physical classroom; I’m not.

But with reading this and being connected with me via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you are part of my virtual audience – just as I listen to you, just as I’ve listened, coached and mentored thousands of students for donkey’s years.

If you are like the thousands of students who are struggling with copy, with words, with digital marketing, ask me to help.

I’ll end with a nice anecdote: sitting at home Thursday,  blithely marking, my home phone and then mobile rang.

I couldn’t find the home phone, so was relieved when my iPhone chimed as I knew it was someone meaning business to ring both numbers.

It was.

A web designer wanted me to have a look at some web copy for him, which had been batted around the office, with no sign of an end.

He wanted it tomorrow, if possible, pretty please.

It was delivered as a draft after one hour and revised in terms of layout after the school run (I ditched the marking).

I was happy to help out, and was paid for that hour of work.

Now my point is: don’t waste your time, in whatever field you’re in, trying to whip copy into shape or run a social media campaign when you haven’t got either the time or the inclination.

I’m here to help.

Outsource your writing and marketing to me, a man who has been trusted to deliver English from Year 5 to Year 13, for almost 30 years.

And don’t worry, I won’t put you in detention, or make you do lines, when I see your first drafts.