Like my waist, since going over the age of 50, my little empire of domain names and websites has expanded, and in the last week a new business of property content marketing has taken off.

In April, I went into a nascent partnership with a web designer and formed 321 Websites with Paul Charnock – a great success that has been too with 14 websites developed and more to come. It’s done well because he’s an exceptional web designer (he reads my blog posts so I have to be over-effusive) and because I’m a decent writer. Websites, I know, are held up time-wise, by clients not providing copy but we’ve got round that by having design, content (and social) woven into the fabric of the company, as well as the strapline.

Man Stress was set up in November 2017 with the author, Richard Crisp, myself as editor and Paul as designer and contributor.

Last weekend, I launched Property Blogs, which Paul designed for me, to get a foothold in property content marketing for the whole property industry – not just estate agents, which this company is largely focused on, but the whole gamut of architects, house developers, solicitors, property marketing etc. It’s a rolling news site of property related news and blog posts, designed to vent my passion for property and writing and get some traction within the wider industry.

To keep the ball rolling, so to speak, we have two further businesses in “Coming Soon” mode: Find My Tutors and Life After Education which we aim to make big in 2018, with so many teachers, like me, looking for life after education.

Get Pro Copy itself continues to grow too.

It became a Limited Company this year and I find I’m increasingly asked to write copy or check content for large and small businesses – and for me, writing is my perfect job. 

I’ll raise a glass of San Pellegrino to the year when this business grew wings and others hatched – and look forward to 2018 when Man Stress, Property Blogs, Find My Tutors and Life After Education form a skein of successful companies.

I’ll put the bird metaphor down now and wish all readers a happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.

See you in 2018.