Ed Sheeran – loved by millions, derided by others.


Does popularity equate to averageness?

I can see where people, younger than me, are coming from me.

I went through a spell from say 15 to 40 where I derided anything popular.

Best selling car – the Ford Fiesta or Focus – terrible choices.

The transport of choice for 70s cool kids – the Chopper – terrible bike.

Popular music from 1978 to 2002 – all terrible.

I think age though mellows one.

Yet I despair, still, when I see the public outrage over Ed Sheeran’s chart dominance.

Why does Ed Sheeran divide?

I’m not sure.

His music is well-crafted, eminently listenable, with snappy choruses and lyrics that are clever.

Yet he provokes hate.

Real hate.

Admitting to liking, playing and enjoying all Ed Sheeran’s music seems, amongst many of my social media clan, to be akin to admitting a sneaky fondness for Donald Trump, Nigel Farage and others of that ilk.

I don’t get it.

I know a little bit about his background – he grew up in Framlingham, which is one of the finest towns in Suffolk, with its castle (on the hill) and its bijou feel, like Holt or Burnham Market here in Norfolk.

He attended Thomas Mills High School, one of the best schools in the area.

Ed Sheeran also apparently took time off to work in a charity shop in Framlingham yet his music, devoured by millions, occupying 16 of the top 20 chart positions, is hated by many of my friends.

I don’t get it – do you?

If anyone can comment for or against Ed Sheeran’s music lucidly, I’m happy to listen and approve statements on here.

Until then, 10 days after I bought “Divide“, I’ll continue to play it, enjoy it and ignore the army of haters who normally I agree with.

Why do you like or hate Ed Sheeran?


I’ve also another guilty admission – I think Justin Bieber is good too (I’ll now make sure my doors are locked).