I can wax lyrical until those proverbial cows come home about the advantages of Being Your Own Boss, being a Sole Trader, being self-employed, but I won’t today.

It is a perfect lifestyle with its freedoms – but with one caveat.


I’ve done work in the past for companies: setting up social media pages, drafting blogs, writing email campaigns etc, only to be told that there’s been a change of mind and they don’t need them.


I spent 4 hours on that.

It’s why this freelance copywriter and social media marketing bod hatched a salary plan to save me from starvation.

You see when I was imprisoned in education, the only perk was the monthly salary that was paid clockwork on the 19th of every month.

Never mind the stress, the bullying, the employer hypocrisy, being sworn at, the lies, the deceit, the lazy classroom-dodging SLT, the workload, the marking, as the pay sort of made up for it.

It didn’t really though – I think most people in paid employment, particularly teaching which is now as toxic as a minefield, are simply scared to leave this comfort blanket of work that provides little comfort – except a salary.

You’ve got to have some financial stability though and that’s why my wife, on International Women’s Day, as every day, goes to paid employment.

Otherwise, we’d be homeless.

Back to the copywriter salary bit though.

If we agree to work together, I invoice you a negotiated upfront amount and begin work when that credit hits my bank account.

It’s not a small amount, but it’s not millions of pounds.

You pay, you gain.

After one month, I invoice again with 7 day terms for the 4 weeks ahead. No surprises, often other than a reduction, as once social media is set up, it becomes less time intensive for me to manage.

Now don’t get me wrong – most clients are more than happy to pay along these lines.

Some, however, don’t.

So if you’re an estate agency, a letting agency, a hotel business, a financial service or whatever, looking for someone to write engaging blog posts, create content for social media and drive traffic and sales through a content marketing strategy, ring me on 07462923476.

I’ll be blunt though – if you’re not prepared to pay in advance, find someone who will work on your terms.

My philosophy is simple:

Pay what is agreed upfront and for the next month in advance, or find someone else, who will accept your terms.

No pay, no gain.