I keep my Facebook personal account separate from my public profile and it’s so locked down that when people try to add me, they can’t. It’s not because I’m anti-social, far from it, but I do like to voice on my personal platform views and opinions that may make a bricklayer blush.

Not pottymouth stuff, but banter and views I don’t want to share with thousands, just a select few.

I’ve got to that age too where thinking about haircuts and styles is a waste of oxygen. I’m not bald, but like my lawn where the new Border Collie urinates, it’s receding (or needs reseeding?) so I’ve gone for the Bruce Willis bald look in recent months.

I like to chronicle the daily banality of check ins at Tesco, woods and engage in witty repartee on others’ statuses on Facebook – it’s a release valve, but it’s locked down.

So here’s a taster.

On Friday, I checked in at the barber’s and timed the event: to shave my head and beard to the same zero length – now I could do this myself but I actually enjoy the experience of socialising in the barber’s, checking in and taking pouting selfies before and after.

The head shave and beard trim took 12 minutes and cost £8.00, a bargain I know compared with the hipster salons in say Norwich. I left a £2 tip too. So £10 and in and out in 15 minutes.

£40 per hour for that – assuming of course there was a steady stream of continuous custom, which is unlikely.

Did I begrudge it?

Absolutely not.

I realise the shop has overheads, rates and rent to pay, tax, VAT etc, but it did get me pondering last night on the book of Face.

This is what I pondered.

If we are prepared to blithely hand over £10 for 15 minutes of skilled service, why do some business people baulk at paying other creative professionals similar?

I paid two barristers the equivalent of £400 per hour a while ago, for advice, and at no point, did I say to said barristers (or barbers) can you knock the price down?

Yet, I get asked for word count rates and hourly rates constantly and the Gumtree / eBay mentality then kicks in.

“If I order 4 blogs will you do a big discount?”

That’s like me asking the head shaver for 20% off because she shaves my head and beard every 3 weeks.

No, is my new response. 

Or the other one, where your pips are squeezed til you squeal.

“Ok I’ll pay you that much for 500 words …”

Two days later.

“Stuart it needs more detail; could you nudge it to nearer 1000 words?”

That’s like me asking a decorator who’s painted the kitchen to throw in the lounge whilst he’s here.

I wish at times that all clients were like my regular ones: pay on-time, appreciate my craft as a writer or social media manager and don’t treat me like an eBay item, going in at low bids or with Make Me an Offer.

The outcome from the Facebook banter was to charge more for my services and they are probably right.

I pay barber and car valeters an hourly rate close to my own, a qualified barrister much much more, with others in-between.

So I think it’s time that my prices as a specialist writer in the property industry, a web writer, a social media specialist, are hiked up.

Except for existing customers then, Get Pro Copy is having prices raised.

If you value good writing, great copy, content marketing, contact me for prices but don’t make me an offer or haggle with me.

I won’t let you down with exorbitant pricing or insult you with poor quality.

You can trust me to deliver, just like my barbers or barristers.