Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a website take to build?

This varies depending on the complexity of the website and the number of projects I’m managing. Propagation of nameservers (if you want free hosting) can take 48 hours too. A simple brochure website design of 4 pages is normally ready in 5 days.

How much do you charge for hosting?

Hosting is absolutely free in the first year. In the second and subsequent years you only pay about £30 for the year in total. I do ask you to buy the domain which you can then renew annually or buy for 10 years (better for SEO) and I can point the nameservers at my hosting.

Can I pick fonts and colour palette?

Absolutely. I can customise text and design to your needs. This site has one font and three main colours: black, white and blue. You can even customise the social media icons (I chose the official colours at the foot of each page to add some variety) – but you can choose your own!

Do you add social media links?

You give me the links for your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram profiles and I’ll add them to your new website. If you’re not sure which to include, I can advise. I can also create these pages for you and manage them for a set period of time or longer term for a monthly fee.

Do you offer updates and back ups?

Yes they’re included in the first year free and then I can coach you on best website practices from within the Admin dashboard. Back ups are made daily or weekly and your plugins are checked weekly and updated after backing up. Your website can always be restored then.

Do you offer web design in Norwich?

I’m actually based in east Norfolk, near Great Yarmouth, about 20 miles from Norwich. I am a copywriter, social media manager and web designer but I have designed websites for clients in London, Edinburgh, Manchester etc. We do have email and Skype now in Norfolk.

How much do you charge?

How long is a piece of string? My websites are priced competitively and are based on the amount of time they take me to design, host and maintain over a year. You’ll get cheaper, and you’ll find more expensive. What you probably won’t get is all optimised copy and maintenance.

What are your terms?

I ask for 50% payment at the outset and 50% payment 7 days after launch. I invoice you for each installment and once the first half is received, I go full steam ahead with the build. When the website is almost ready, you are given full access to make changes to wording, design etc.

Have you built many websites?

In my first month solo, I was commissioned for 11 websites and each customer was delighted with my work. You can see live examples in my Portfolio and kind words in Testimonials and across various social media pages. You can trust Get Pro Copy Ltd to deliver.

Do you have business insurance?

Yes I have full liability insurance – please ask and I’ll gladly share documentation showing this. I am a Ltd Company, registered at Companies House and have operated successfully since 2015 when I began life in marketing as a copywriter and social media marketer.

What’s the best way to contact you?

You can email me, call me on my mobile, FaceTime me on that number, message me on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter and unless I’m sleeping, swimming or without mobile reception in some remote corner of Norfolk, I’ll answer immediately. I’m good like that.

Can we meet face to face?

If it’s convenient, yes, I will happily meet over coffee to chat (no pubs, I’m teetotal). I meet clients locally in Norwich and Lowestoft, and even did a 12 hour road round trip to Manchester recently. All I ask is for some commitment and payment of expenses for long treks.

Is it just WordPress design Norwich you offer?

Web designers often have their favourite platform to build a website design on – mine is WordPress, not Wix, not Squarespace, as I’ve found WordPress to be the most flexible CMS to create a digital presence on.

Do you offer career opportunities?

I’m always keen to network and form partnerships with other creative professionals, like illustrators, writers, graphic designers. This year I did consider web design apprenticeships Norwich but have decided to wait until more established.

Do you offer website design courses in Norwich?

I coach clients in WordPress best practices with online training after launch. I show you how to manage a blog and maintain a site. I do intend to offer website design courses Norwich when time permits so watch this space!

Are you registered as a freelance web designer Norwich?

I certainly am. Get Pro Copy is a Ltd Company, registered with Companies House and I also full public liability insurance for your peace of mind if you’re looking for web design Norwich or Manchester. I work all over the UK and am not restricted to Norfolk.

Why should we pick you over others?

You have a wide choice of Norwich web design companies or London ones, and you have to decide who will provide the best service for you. I have a vast network of “helpers” to call on though I am a quick learner and can often provide the one-to-one service that many companies can’t.

I’m looking just for a freelance copywriter Norwich – can you help?

My (gluten free) bread and butter is writing, crafting optimised copy for digital or print marketing. You may already have a web design team and you’re looking for a refresh of the copy – this freelance copywriter is always happy to make you content (get it?)

Why are so many of your website designs for clients in Manchester?

I lived near Manchester and taught there from 1987 to 1996 and still have close friends there. I love going back to the north west on business and pleasure and am creating a nice Manchester web design portfolio. I miss the place. It still feels like home to me, when I return.

Would you class yourself as a freelance web developer Norwich?

Designer yes, developer not yet! I have mastered coding, and can fix CSS errors and the like, but in terms of being called a freelance web developer Norwich – not yet!

Any more questions?