I’m looking just for a freelance copywriter Norwich – can you help?

My (gluten free) bread and butter is writing, crafting optimised copy for digital or print marketing. You may already have a web design team and you’re looking for a refresh of the copy or to banish the Lorem Ipsum – this freelance copywriter is always happy to make you content (get it?)

Why should we pick you over others?

You have a wide choice of Norwich copywriters and web design companies or London ones, and you have to decide who will provide the best service for you. I’m a versatile writer too who works for architects to zoologists. I have a vast network of “helpers” to call on though I am a quick learner and can often provide the one-to-one service that many companies can’t.

How much do you charge for writing?

How long is a piece of string? My content writing services are priced competitively and you’re getting the services of a graduate English teacher who knows how to craft words. It’s unique, compelling and SEO researched.

What are your payment terms?

With new clients I ask for money upfront on all writing. We agree a brief, I invoice you and when the payment lands, I start researching the blog post to produce unique content that you can use on your website, email campaigns, newsletters and press releases.

Do you have business insurance?

Yes I have full liability insurance – please ask and I’ll gladly share documentation showing this. I am a Ltd Company, registered at Companies House and have operated successfully since 2015 when I began life in marketing as a copywriter and social media marketer.

What’s the best way to contact you?

You can email me, call me on my mobile, FaceTime me on that number, message me on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter and unless I’m sleeping, swimming or without mobile reception in some remote corner of Norfolk, I’ll answer immediately. I’m good like that.

Can we meet face to face?

If it’s convenient, yes, I will happily meet over coffee to chat (no pubs, I’m teetotal). I meet clients locally in Norwich and Lowestoft, and even did a 12 hour road round trip to Manchester recently. All I ask is for some commitment and payment of expenses for long treks. London is just too busy for me though!

Do you offer career opportunities?

I’m always keen to network and form partnerships with other creative professionals, like illustrators, writers, graphic designers. This year I did consider web design apprenticeships Norwich but have decided to wait until more established.