I thought I’d blog today about tips on how to get started for Writers Online.

I’ve got a fair bit of experience of this as my hand has been held (metaphorically), I’ve been guided by a Devon / Manc mentor, Jim, whose advice has proved invaluable.

What he doesn’t know about SEO and WordPress is not worth knowing.


I’m not engaging in sycophancy for a bit of peer esteem building but they’re genuine words of appreciation and praise.

Like all great teachers, he has empowered me to give tips on how to get started for Writers Online.

Right, let’s crack on.

  1. DOMAIN: GET ONE. The most obvious place to start a blog is on your own domain – you buy the name and get it hosted and then when Jim has woven his WordPress magic, you build the content. The domain name is cheap (£7.00 for 2 years) as is hosting (£3.00 a month) which gives you company email accounts too (up to 10).
  2. WEB DESIGNER: CHOOSE CAREFULLY. I found when I was building my first website that costs could quickly spiral out of control. When a second one was built for our estate agency business, one company, I kid you not, wanted £50 extra per month so it would render on Smartphones. WordPress and Webmaster Tools does this for you, for much, much less. I won’t let on.
  3. BLOG DAILY. At first it’s all about getting your company, your brand, your name online; making you visible.  Google algorithms reward fresh content – not plagiarised content, but relevant posts that will see your website climb page rankings.
  4. FEATURED IMAGES. Use Photoshop to optimise images for your blog posts. Photos get more clicks and can contain Alt tags which is beneficial for SEO. There are plenty of free stock image websites out there, which can be used commercially without attribution.
  5. SOCIAL MEDIA. Writers online need to drive traffic to their blog posts through social media platforms. This website Get Pro Copy has overt links in its header and footer to G+, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, but I also use Pinterest and Instagram, Medium, Quora, StumleUpon and Scoop It, to promote my writing. It’s all about improving your web presence as a business.

If you want to know more about any of these 5 tips for writers online, get in touch with me.