Website copywriting services – increasingly I find I’m asked if I offer this and the answer is an emphatic yes.

You see a website without compelling words and fresh content just hangs in limbo so to speak.

To make your online presence standout and get hits, you need copy.

Copy for your landing pages, about, services and news.

I’ve got another admission to make about why it matters too.

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Website copywriting services, like those offered by myself and other writers, save you time.

Lots of time.

It’s why my sister company, 321 Websites, hangs its hat on three precepts: design, content and social.


Because it’s a marriage between web designer and copywriter.

Let me tell you something now.

We can build websites in under 7 days not because we’re brilliant, or we compromise on quality, but because there’s no waiting for content.

Let me just give you a typical scenario.

Email lands:

“Hi. I would like a new 4 page website designing, but will do the social and content myself, I just need it designed. How soon could it be ready?”

Our reply: “Thanks for your email – we would love to help. With the domain, content and social in place, it will take no more than 3 days.”

This, invariably, is where the 3 day promise unravels – not because we fail but because the client struggles to find and buy a domain name and, even with one, does not deliver on content.

In other words, they want a cut price build but they still effectively need website copywriting services from me.

Obviously, I’m more than happy to craft that content, to set that news tab off with a fresh blog post, but when clients say I’ll provide the copy, the 3 day promise stretches to 3 weeks or more.

No kidding.

Now what if you’ve already got a website and you’re happy with the design but not with the business that stems from it and the fact that people struggle to find you on search engines?

I’d recommend you look around and read.

You can read a great article on digital presence here – pay particular attention to Trust Component #3: Underlying Content.


You might need my website copywriting services as a standalone from this company, Get Pro Copy Ltd

I’ve done that already for fifteen small businesses now.

Done what?

We all love lists, so this is what I do with website copywriting services:

  1. RESEARCH. I don’t don my trainspotting anorak from days of yore and head out to the local library, obviously. I go online, inside, and research SEO terms. Now some companies wrap this in all sorts of murky mystique, hoodwinking you into thinking there’s a fine art to Search Engine Optimisation. I don’t think there is. My own three businesses have never been handed to some Digital Divas to do some SEO jiggery pokery – I’ve done it. Put simply, I research where your website stands next to your rivals, what your customers are searching for and search volumes. I then, in a very trainspotting way, compile a spreadsheet and start making notes on your own site and your rivals.
  2. SEO. Now some people see ranking your websites for SEO as doing as little as possible. I’d call that crazy. Climbing Google Page rankings is a series of marathons – global ones. 26 mile runs with your legs in shackles. Day after day. Last week, a customer asked me how soon before I get to Page One of Google. I expounded my marathon theory only to see gloom descending. You can fix SEO with steroids, Pay Per Click, but it’s a short term fix. You need to grow organically, day by day, not keyword stuffing, but having a long term content strategy.
  3. ANALYTICS. Get Pro Copy Ltd can show this in terms of Analytics. In August, I took my eye off content for it, as I was stacked up with other social media and writing work (and I was also in France for 16 days) – and this happened:

On returning to England, I was a bit miffed with 303 sessions over a month – roughly 10 website hits per day in August so I decided to up the ante. In September, with a concerted blogging and social media camp gain for Get Pro Copy, this happened:

%name website copywriting services

Sessions more than doubled (as did users on the website) and this made me realise that sipping Badoit, swimming and holidaying had shafted my website stats in August.

October has started with a similar commitment – blog posts created most days, shared on social media and just 8 days in to the month, I’ve seen another spike:
%name website copywriting services

With 23 days left of October and this blog post not part of those analytics, I’m delighted that 324 sessions in eight days eclipse the whole of August.

Big wow, you might be thinking.

Or maybe like me, you’re reasonably impressed?

The point though is serious.

To get people to your website, to get people to share your posts, to get Google to notice your site and index it in its mammoth algorithms, you don’t need keyword stuffing, you need great content, that is accurate, engaging and frequently updated with a super social media strategy to share that content and steer social tribes to your website pages.

Once there, they might buy your product or service.

If educated, informed and entertained, they may even come back AND tell others about what you’re doing and saying.

It’s a win-win.

In other words, you need website copywriting services – to improve what you currently say on there and to refresh it daily, weekly or monthly with blog posts.

Google cares about:

  1. Indexed Age: Get Pro Copy is 2 years old, but I’ve bought the domain for ten years, but it’s still a relative foetus)
  2. Authority Profile: where your website is being linked to by others – that’s a long term game I’m playing. You should too.
  3. Underlying Content: I quote from the Forbes article linked above: “The underlying content is extremely important. Too many people skimp on content, but it’s one of the major anchors that tether you to Google’s relevancy algorithms. Thin content with errors, or duplicate content and spun content can really hurt you. Instead, the content not only has to be lengthy, but it has to be well-written, keyword centric and highly engaging where readers are spending a good amount of time digesting and consuming that content.”

You want to rank on Google?

Get more website visits?

Be more active on social media?

One third of the solution lies in CONTENT. 

Website copywriting services are what you need.

And if you want proof of hits – have a look at Hogans Fast Sale, where I’m named as their writer (and social media manager) and Pure North Norfolk, where I’m not, but it’s an open secret. Read my testimonials and decide for yourself whether I will deliver (I will).

There’s many others too – but the first rule of Write Club is you don’t talk about.

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