Trust me to deliver as a freelance writer as I trust others. I ask: why do we buy goods and services from certain people and reject others?

Okay, cards on the table, Poker face cracked.

What is it about us as humans that makes us exercise choice in a free market economy?

Why would I choose a certain supermarket over others? A certain car dealer over others? A certain restaurant over others?

Yes, one phrase: we trust their service.

It goes beyond this to something arguably much deeper: we can get perfectly acceptable service anywhere – it’s the norm. Bad service is actually quite difficult to find.

But what makes me exercise choice when buying a car?

It’s relevant because a year and 4 days ago (precise as always) we traded in a Mini – which we’d bought in Shrewsbury of all places (because of a friend’s recommendation) – and replaced it with a newer one.

I’m a seasoned car buyer, some would say obsessive and I measure a dealer, rightly or wrongly, not just in terms of price, but how our relationship builds. I was for several years a devotee of a local car dealer. They recognised me when I went in, talked to me, understood me, and I went back, time and time again.

No longer though – why?

The staff changed faster than I changed cars. I don’t know anyone there any more. Is that relevant? Does it matter?

I think so.

Same with our current cars, both bought from the same Mini dealership, 30 miles further away than our nearest.


Because they did something so out of character with car dealers: I ordered a new Mini, last July, and on delivery, changed my mind, cancelled, expecting the return of the deposit to be more difficult than the hunt for the holy grail, or a mountain in Norfolk.

Wrong of me I know, and I apologised profusely, as circumstances had changed.

So what did they do?

The £500 was refunded without a quibble. Without going to puff cheeks with the Dealer Principal or throw obstacles in my way, they credited my account.

Now, where did I buy my last two cars from? The Mini last Christmas and the other in March?

That dealer of course – they’d behaved with honour and built trust so I reciprocated and placed two orders with them.

So, when we eat out, I go to places where we know service is exemplary, when I do a supermarket sweep, I pick the one I trust. And I’ll buy a car from people I trust.

It’s not rocket science, is it?

Now you trust me to deliver copy, writing, web content for your business – I won’t let you down.

If I do, you’ll get a full refund, Listers Mini style.