Bosses are bellends

Time to step over to the turntable of history and put on the old record “Bosses are bellends”.

Now clearly – not all of them.

I’ve worked with some great people as my line managers in life – but 85% are probably bellends.

It’s partly why I left teaching as headteachers, the new type of headteachers, were business people with the emotional intelligence of a jellyfish. They couldn’t handle dissent, they hated mavericks. Independent thought was frowned upon. So people like me, Paul, Richard and so many others who I class as good friends and good teachers were rooted out.

Partly for cost efficacy but mainly as fragile egos couldn’t handle people who dared to question something.

The past five years

From 2015, those shackles of subservience were thrown off and like Mel Gibson I shouted “Freedom” at release from petty minded fools with sociopathic tendencies.

I’ve learned though that bellends still exist.

Here’s why.

When a company outsources digital marketing or copywriting to a freelancer, the office hierarchy (in a shit company) gets ruffled feathers and there’s all manner of trying to own you going on. You think to yourself, this batch of bellends will get better – but they don’t. They’re gaslighters by trade and often use the freelancer to assert petty authority over.

Or at least they try to.

I don’t suffer fools gladly

Old phrase I know. But people, bellends, bosses who try to manipulate me, get short shrift in short time. It’s no accident that in those 5 years, I’ve got 10 clients who have worked with me long term. They’re not nodding dogs, who acquiesce and go along with whatever I say. They work in partnership with me. They don’t nit-pick, question my methods or interfere. They know I’m a safe and creative brand ambassador who won’t launch into a tirade of expletives when faced with a bellend of a customer on social media. I only do that on my own company, Get Pro Copy Ltd!

This past month

I’ve realised since Christmas though that several clients are taking the piss big time out of my good nature. February 2020 will see this stop, as from March I’m going into Clint Eastwood mode in “Unforgiven”, kicking open a proverbial saloon door and telling those bellends to get out of my life.


I’m a helper, I charge fair prices, I’m good at what I do – but I will not tolerate being treated like an employee (an unpaid one too in many instances) by some bellends with a lanyard.

Roll on March I say.

Oh and if you’re not a piss taking bellend who’s keen to use my web design, copywriting or digital marketing services, get in touch.