I went for a totally plant-based diet, 3 months ago now, after six weeks of vegetarianism before this.

Now I do like a bandwagon and gratefully jumped on this one – not because I don’t care about animal rights, but mainly because I watched “The Game Changers” on Netflix and I fell for the hype.

What’s it been like?

Easy if I’m honest.

Diet is mindset.

Now don’t get me wrong, I would never pretend any Quorn product tastes remotely good. I did eat meat and dairy regularly – a lamb bhuna, a chicken tikka starter and a chavery with beef was my idea of a good meal, but I decided to cut it all out, like I’ve done with alcohol.

But this is what I’ve found:

  1. Soya, almond and hazelnut substitutes do become as natural and tasty as pasteurised milk after a few days, as do dairy free butter substitutes.
  2. Quorn is still shit, but I’ve realised that there are better gluten free and vegan alternatives to it.
  3. There is a real temptation to become over-reliant on processed food as a coeliac plant-eater and I’ve had to avoid this pitfall.
  4. Cheese takes some getting used to – it is made from coconut and oils, nuts etc and I’ve yet to find any as satisfying as a wedge of blue Stilton, some gooey Brie or Camembert. I’m certain this will come and the Naturally Vegan Food Company’s cheese is devoured quickly – find it here.
  5. I still have non-vegan ways of wearing leather and sitting on leather seats in my car, so I’m not really a fully fledged one I know.

What’s been good though is that there has been some weight loss – not enough to start doing torso selfies on the ‘Gram – but enough to see my feet in the shower and the stomach gurgles at night have cleared.

You see, I had a penchant for a bowl of cereal with cow’s milk nightly and I’ve cut that habit completely. My gut no longer sounds like a train in a tunnel at night, consequently.

I also have more physical energy.

Now I’m not going to chain myself to a butcher’s shop or preach at those who eat bacon sandwiches – I’m doing this for personal health reasons only.

I would say, though, to conclude, that if you are a meat and two veg type, as I was, give a plant-based diet a try. I ate meat and dairy products for 53 years of my life and miss aspects of it – but I do genuinely feel healthier on a plant-based diet.